Gears of War 2 to get new ranking system?

Rod Ferguson of Epic Games made a post last night explaining what is likely to happen with the ranking system in the near future. Good or bad for Gears fans? You be the judge!

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Sasanova3565d ago

lol look at how many times epic tried to fix the game, yet it scored 9.5s and 10s lol so pathetic. your gonna tell me a game with so many faults at launch was rated so well, and you want me to take reviews seriously? gtfo

ANoobsJourney3565d ago

Well the game does have it's faults just like any other game out there, but at least they are making some attempts to fix what is broken. Some game companies don't care if a game is "broken" and throw the gamers who are disappointed under the bus without making any effort to fix it. Epic is trying to fix what is wrong with Gears, and hopefully one day it will end up being a great Multiplayer experience.

kewlkat0073565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

There are so many people that play this game and try to exploit every little nook and cranny so they can have an advantage. This happens with every Shooter.

Same thing will happen with KZ2 when it's being played by hundreds of thousands at a time, something a real Testing environment, before it leaves the developer, cannot accommodate/duplicate.

I thought that patch that went out did Fix many things..

terrandragon3565d ago

Most of those reviews were mainly about the Single-player, like PS3 owners saying that low review scores were because they didn't play the multi-player, which is "half of the experience."

Spydiggity3565d ago

i recently decided to play gears 1 just to remember the differences. gears 1 had a lot of exploits, and host advantage sucked. but gears 2 has those, plus it has a lot of features that EVERYONE hates, they can't seem to fix the shotgun no matter what, and it doesn't move as smooth.

I wish i could goto cliffy B's house and demand my money back like that episode of southpark where they wanted their money back for passions.

gears 1 was a great game, but epic didn't learn from any of their mistakes and actually managed to make a more broken version of gears 1. how do you spend 2 years making another game on the same engine and not fix the bugs and glitches??? Epic games = Epic fail. They gave up being a hardcore company in favor of maximizing profits. what a shame.

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hippo243565d ago

Might bring me back to the game especially if there's some form of reward system (but im a very hopeful man)

Chuk53565d ago

That sounds pretty elaborate for a "what if". I think they're actually deep into the revamping of the skill system. Either way, i hope they do it quick cuz i hate the ranking system they have now.And Sasanova, you gtfo. The game is great , it's the multiplayer that has bugs, which are mostly fixed. Games have faults but that does'nt mean they cannot be redeemed through patches.You good sir, are either a sony fanboy or a hater. Pick your poison

militant073565d ago

they better do it

the slow matchmaking make me sick i only played 4 players match or maybe 5.

its sick.


pumpkinpunker3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

the multiplayer is awesome but the wait between is unacceptable sometimes. of course I haven't played in awhile so maybe it got better.

I think they should just drop this whole ranked matchmaking system and throw everyone in together like COD4 does. It's fast and efficient and if your face gets owned then you learn to play better quicker. Or maybe do something like Counter-strike where you can chose what map to play and which people to play it with and stay with those people. Gah, both options are so much easier.

Lord Vader3565d ago



And how about some Regional settings & the ability to choose what mode gamers want to play....

thx, & please hurry b4 everyone trades Gears 2 in for a MP that works.

RedVsBlue3565d ago

How about get rid of ranking or add public non ranked matches

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