Circuit City Liquidation Deals Update for 2/7 writes:

"Just got another email spam from the Circuit City Liquidators...

Here are the current deals at all store locations:"

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SAiOSiN3544d ago

i hope they include the official ps3 bluetooth. my stupid motorola is garbage. it has a mind of its' own. it turns off when it feels like it and then takes 30min to connect with the ps3. $60 down the drain.

indyman77773544d ago

They told me it was the first time they heard of that. Liars, and I thought I just had a dude. Must admit I have not tried a second one because that was too much money for me to try again, and now I will not! More on topic I think this 'tip' is from Circuit city. The same old tactics, get you in on FALSE pretent (which is why a lot of people don't bother) and not have a real sale on a item. This is old. Sure it is a liquidation company but circuit city has a say in it BIG time. The liquidation companies are more there to provide theft control from workers and to insure the proceeds are reasonable. Not to set policies. Don't waste your time at Circuit city. Go to bestbuy, walmart, target, and toysrus. You will get better prices and the company will still be there when you have a problem. Who is to say they are not re shrink wrapping defective products there?

HolyOrangeCows3544d ago

Circuit city jacked up the prices of everything and slapped a sale sticker on.
I saw Unreal tournament for the 360 at $60! Even after the sales price, you can get it for at least $15 cheaper at target.

I got Fallout 3 for $50 (after tax) or so, which I'm happy about.

IronAva3544d ago

You could of got Fallout three for less then that if you shopped around. I just came back from my local CC store and I am not pleased. They have no accessories, more then half the games are behind the counter and you can get most if not all the games they do have from for much cheaper.

Blasphemy3544d ago

Yeah I went there about two weeks ago and they really didn't have anything interesting on sale or that I couldn't get somewhere else cheaper. What's crazy is people are actually buying this stuff. I guess they think they are getting good deals. I won't even bother going back because when I get there everything worth buying will be gone.

DX F3NIX3544d ago

I got fallout for 39.99 @ Target...

mirroredderorrim3544d ago

Basically, it seems like Circuit City is trying to rape peoples wallets before they go under.

How corporate of them.

UltimateIdiot9113544d ago

It's not CC, it's the liquidation company.

mirroredderorrim3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Well, let me fix that: Basically, it seems like the liquidation company is using the Circuit City name to rape peoples wallets before they go under.

How noble of them?
Edit: either way, the deals still suck compared to the internet..hmm.. maybe the internet is playing a role in the reason why they are still liquidating? /fingersnap

The recession!

idiealot3544d ago

im waiting for the $50 PSN cards to drop to maybe 60- 75% off. That way ill buy a 3 or 4 and be set with games like crash commando, echochrome, the last guy, soldner x, savage moon, pixeljunk monsters, lumines. ive wanted these games but not a $10. if i had an xbox (my buddy does) id get the cards for them too so i could play castle crashers.

UltimateIdiot9113544d ago

Not a bad idea. I should keep an eye on that too.

shqype3544d ago

When I went to Circuit City, I tried to buy a PSN card and the associate told me they don't include a discount on them because they are already prepaid.

Is there anybody who can confirm that the discount DO in fact apply to prepaid PSN cards?

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