Extreme Gamer: Fallout 3: Operation: Anchorage Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "Extreme Gamer's best RPG of 2008 follows up its successful release with its first offering of downloadable content. The new content titled Operation: Anchorage gives players the chance to view the world of Fallout before the bomb dropped. If you are wondering if the new content worth the buck, and what it is all about, check out our review of Fallout 3's DLC Operation: Anchorage."


* New gear that enhances the Fallout 3 game
* Achievement hounds, this one is a breeze
* Experience Fallout 3 in a new way
* The blues never "looked" better


* Story elements are weak
* The content can be completed within 2-5hr
* A little too combat heavy
* Up for argument-- 800MS Points, too expensive?!

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