Edge Magazine March 2009 review scores with scans

A complete listing of Edge Magazine's March 2009 review scores include Killzone 2, Fear 2 and Halo Wars!
Killzone 2 (PS3) 7/10

Fear 2: Project Origin(various) 8/10

Halo Wars(360) 7/10

Race Pro (360) 8/10

House of the dead: Overkill(Wii) 8/10

Let's Tap(Wii) 8/10

Deadly Creatures(Wii) 5/10

The Maw(360) 5/10

Lord of the Rings: Conquest(vatious) 2/10

Tenchu:Stealh Assassins(Wii) 6/10

Crayon Physics Deluxe(iPhone, PC) 7/10

Flower(PS3) 7/10

Boing! Docomoaxe(DS) 7/10

Klonoa: Door to Phantomil(Wii) 6/10

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darkequitus3538d ago

Got Flickr up as soon as I could (no issues this time) so not be accused of Bull$hiting like I did when I posted the christmas issue of Edge


Endorphin3538d ago

Seriously, this is where I scratch my head...
Fear 2: Project Origin(various) 8/10
Race Pro (360) 8/10
House of the dead: Overkill(Wii) 8/10
Let's Tap(Wii) 8/10

Panthers3538d ago



jammy_703538d ago

the demo was fantastic, so polished, great controls and cover system, best graphics (and its a DEMO!) i just dont get it!
i mean surly its better than halo wars, the work put into killzone 2, it got it be com on.....


HighDefinition3538d ago

Edge`s reviews CANNOT be taken seriously.

InMyOpinion3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

I think they judge the games based on their genre. The FPS genre is crowded by excellent titles, and if you look past its shiny exterior for one second there's been a lot of talk about sluggish controls. Maybe that's what brought it's score down. A lot of people seem to have divided opinions about the 'weightier' feel of the controls. Some love them while others consider them game-breaking.

In any case it will be interesting to read the full review and see why they came to their conclusions.

Marceles3538d ago

Same as the RTS crowd then, but thats pretty bad if Halo Wars is getting a 7 without many RTSs on a console to be compared to (with Jenzo's logic) I don't think thats the case

After reading the article, they liked the multiplayer but they said the single player is too "obvious"...sigh*. "get on that turret!" "get the rocket launcher and take out the tank!"

Seriously? -3 pts because objectives are explained to you by your Sergeant?

HighDefinition3538d ago

Sony should stop sending them review discs.

gaffyh3538d ago

So basically they gave the game 7/10 because the multiplayer online is awesome, but they don't like the fact that your orders are shouted at you?

Isn't that what you happens in the army, someone shouts orders at you and you do them?

Timberland2K93538d ago

F^c Edge, F^c (2X) Edge, F^c Edge, F^c (2X) Edge

Change the reviewing process

St03538d ago

Let's Tap gets 8/10 while Killzone 2 gets 7/10!? whats wrong with this company

Kushan3538d ago

Uhhh guys, I don't really want to get into a debate about Killzone 2 deserving a higher score or whatever, but you should realise that you can't really directly compare an FPS to an RTS like Halo Wars - they're entirely different genres and although you might like both, you're bound to have a preference for one over the other. An RTS fan is obviously going to get more out of Halo Wars than an FPS fan and vice versa, so at least try to take the scores in context - Edge believes that Halo Wars is about as good an RTS as Killzone 2 is an FPS, that's their opinion and that's about all you can really take from it. Make your own minds up.

Aclay3538d ago

I could care less about Edge's Killzone 2 review score because Edge has always been infamous for giving big games lower than average review scores like Mass Effect- 7/10, Fallout 3- 7/10 Resistance 2- 6/10, etc...

Even Eurogamer gave KZ2 a 9, and that was surprising b/c I was expecting at least an 8 for them.

But, it's too late Edge, the majority of Killzone 2 reviews have already spoken and it's a AAA game. ;)

info3538d ago

it says in the review:

quote: " a Gun game in the truest sense, its bullets and ragdolls offer a literal take on the Theatre of war, a rare pleasure since Goldeneye.

In fact they prease the technology, the extremely engaging gameplay, the multiplayer offering.
They don`t like the swearing (it would be good to send a few of those into a real war to see which poetry is going to be screamed at their sensitive ears) and the characterisation/story.

They were probably expecting MacBeth ....not that they did for gears of war though. Indeed.
Anyway you want the best war / shooting game there is here it is. No fanboy no scores are relevant. If that's what you want just go get it.

unless of course you can`t stand the F word....I though De niro had a great performance with this....ah well

Rampant3538d ago

LBP a 10, so they are clearly a biased magazine

JokesOnYou3538d ago

"Seriously, this is where I scratch my head..."

Fear 2: Project Origin(various) 8/10
-They(Edge) liked Fear2 more.

Race Pro (360) 8/10
-Race Pro is a 8/10 compared to other Racing games in Edge's oppinion.

House of the dead: Overkill(Wii) 8/10
-Uhm for them HoD rates a 8/10 within the genre.

Let's Tap(Wii) 8/10
-Do I really need to say it, you see the pattern right?

-Anymore obvious questions?

Here we go with more of the same "victim mentality",
HighDefinition - 28 minutes ago

Ignore1.7 - Dead Serious.....
Sony should stop sending them review discs.

-oh I know, they should only send them to Gamepro so every game gets a 5/5, are you really "Dead Serious"?...hell no we need variety and I'm not against Gamepro but they have given out so many 10/10 for both 360 and ps3 exclusives, which is OK but imo it just seems like they love everything, I like multiple oppinions, I almost never agree with Edge but I still like hearing their oppinion, lmfao where would we be if reviews were centralized down to only a few "approved" sites by micro and sony?


HighDefinition3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

EDGE Scores:

Halo 3 - 10
Gears of War 2 - 9
Halo 2 - 9

Resistance 2 - 6
Resistance 1 - 7

This is why. Say what you want. But, this says enough. It`s basically gotten to the point where Sony can`t do anything to please them........and that`s not right. No matter how you decided to spin it.

morganfell3538d ago

No, that isn't the point. But both Killzone 2 and HALO Wars seem like extrememly polished titles if the demos are representative. This issue should actually bring 360 and PS3 supporters together. I would hazard that super 360 fans are less likely to want to join in a chorus of howls as they have more to lose from Killzone 2 being great than PS3 fans have to lose from HALO Wars being great.

But the fact is if you do not play both games then as a gamer you lose. By both games having been graded unfairly all real gamers lose.

Who wins? The people generating hits - Edge. Is that really what we want? The best possible thing people can do is mark this story as lame, stop talking about it, let it die and if you want to argue at least pick gaming journalists that have some type of even keel.

JokesOnYou3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Welcome to a uknown concept on N4G called an "OPPINION".

-Yes its that simple, the reviewers at Edge obviously have a different point of view on games, and to their credit they give no pass based on hype, seems to me like they simply play the game, give their impressions and say hey here's my score.

HighDefinition, if you look at Edges scores for most of the hyped games for 360 and ps3 its usually lower than the avg, with Halo3 being the one notable exception, also they gave Mass Effect a 7 and LBP a 10, so I'm curious what were your complaints then?

"The best possible thing people can do is mark this story as lame"
-Well I expect a rabid one-sided view from HighDefinition but I'm dissapointed that you feel that way Morgan, you should know better; the beautiful thing about gaming has always been that there are so many different personalities and opinions, although I have some favorite games that I think deserve no less than a 9 under any circumstances I still get something out of reading a *well written article with a difference of oppinion, maybe its the debater in me, but either way I don't think I would like a world where only the oppinions that I agree with count and I sure as hell don't think you or sony folks would like that world either.


thor3538d ago

No they don't give games a pass if they are hyped.

They bring the game down even further because of it.

If a game is hyped and gets good scores, IT'S USUALLY FOR A REASON.

Even Edge loved the game. The only thing they did not like was the story effectively. They said the controls were "tight". They loved the multiplayer. They loved the gameplay. They loved the graphics.

Because KZ2 was hyped they gave it a lower score.

In order to raise eyebrows, they gave it a lower score.

In order to be pretentious, they gave it a lower score.

Lifendz3538d ago

KZ2 scored the same as Flower. Edge is a mammoth fail. Guess the check cleared and someone had to bring down that metacritic score.

Tiberium3538d ago

As for killzone 2 scoring less than halo 3, even IGN agrees with them on that. Arguably, graphics is the least important aspect to a game in the reviewing process. And let's just face it, Killzone 2 isn't original. It borrows heavily form COD4 and TF2 for it's class-based multiplayer, and COD4 for it's campaign. Maybe that's why LBP was given a 10 (and GOTY) by edge. Well at least they know mgs4>Killzone2.

kparks3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

killzone 2 gets a 7 halo wars gets a 7 and something called lets tap get a 8.? why have i not herd of this game lol.. race pro a 8. and house of the dead overkill a 8? huh. they cant be serious!!

JokesOnYou3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

"If a game is hyped and gets good scores, IT'S USUALLY FOR A REASON."

Wow, are you seriously that blind, sure a game usually gets hyped for a reason but not everyone will AGREE with that same reasoning or logic, do you believe its not possible for you and I to play the game and have opposite feelings about it?, do you not believe that we both can like the game and have similiar feelings about what the games high points are but still have major differences about what value or fun factor the game has as opposed to other games we've played?

Look I'm not justifying their score, based on what I've seen I think its alot better than a 7, but what Iam speaking out for is the right to have a totally different view and NOT be bashed or hated for it...*as long as you don't act like a hater with a bunch of obvious BS written in the article.

Are you suggesting that they should just "go with the flow" no matter what they really think?


arika3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

edge are professional trolls. just look at metacritic, from 40+ reviews they are the only one that scored k2 a 7. just to get noticed and get hits they have to stoop this low. well one thing i can say, at least they get paid for trolling. lol!

gaminoz3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Actually I find Edge has some pretty good reviews and points generally. Not sure if I'll agree or not as I haven't played the whole game, but it does seem to lack imagination. I think a top game should excel in both its craft and in its scope of gameplay. Killzone 2 appears to be a by the numbers shooter that is well done and looks great. Something like Bioshock was well crafted and did something new.

7 does seem too low, but 9s and 10s may be a bit overboard too...Hype is an amazing thing. It was for Halo, and it is for Killzone too.

FrankenLife3538d ago

Why do they even review games? Bias doesn't totally describe their failure. They rarely grasp the point of the game. They fail to convey what it is like to play the game. They fail to make a connection to the gaming populace. Every now then a blind squirrel finds a nut, as do they make a good review. They fail with grandeur.

morganfell3538d ago

Well FrankenLife that is their greatest failing. They do not comprehend for whom it is they are reviewing games. They also forget that such reviewing can't be from a solely journalistic point of view but rather requires one maintain a foot in the sphere of the gamer.

They also make the ill and skewed judgment that controversy from going against the grain solely to be different equates to objectivity. It doesn't.

The real issue with such publications isn't that their opinion is different but rather there is absolutely zero consistency in their opinion.

As regards objective critique, almost no publications or websites state clearly and concisely their grading criteria. If they do it is a sentence or two of vaguely worded nonsense that certainly doesn't warrant the title of guideline. This is done as a pretense at professionalism while providing the maximum room to wiggle out of any commitment to said pretend guidelines.

While I am not asking to agree with a site or publication, what I do like is a small modicum of consistency. And that concept, consistency, is quite frankly beyond the grasp of certain persons on this board as surely as it eludes the buffoons at Edge.

FF7numbaone3538d ago

lol it looks like its time to sell my black monster console and get a wii.( Damn its so hard to keep a serious face)

N4360G3538d ago

LOL EDGE sucks when it comes to reviewing games,how the fvck can they possibly give Killzone 2 a 7?

vhero3537d ago

Hahahahahaha a 360 biased magazine gave halo wars 7/10 it must be a really bad game!

SolidSnake933537d ago

Ah this is why drugs are bad.

N4g_null3521d ago

LOL You see this is why I like edge no BS. Why give killzone 2 a high score when crysis, QW:ET, quake 3, COD, etc are already out. Yah better graphics been there done that. Now lets tap seriously play it it's pretty fun. There is a point here. Edge does not reward me too games... that's why it is called edge and not hype mag paid by a console maker.

They are usually dead on... Seriously buy killzone 2 and tell you will be still playing it for 2 years, like the games I listed above. Hell I would rather play quake 3 than killzone 2 right now. You see that, I did not list doom 3 or quake 4 which where games for graphics whores and they where forgotten like all graphic whore games....

+ Show (29) more repliesLast reply 3521d ago
Wolfie3538d ago


Race Pro - 8/10 LOL

lephunk3538d ago

if Race Pro is an 8... edge would prolly give Gran Turismo a 6... what a joke...

Firstkn1ghT3538d ago

Have you two played Race Pro? I think not so shut it.

thor3538d ago

The Killzone 2 review score looks even odder now I've seen the text of the review.

Their ONLY complaints were of how unoriginal it was, and the story. They praised:
The graphics
The controls
How fun the game was
The multiplayer
How its action rivals that of COD4

They put an INCREDIBLE amount of effort into deriding the plot and the voice acting. IT'S NOT THAT BIG A DEAL! These are MINOR issues when you're playing a game like this. It's not like it's any different from ANY other game.

darkequitus3538d ago

Exactly. I thought they would have given it higher reading it.

callahan093538d ago

In my honest opinion, they decided on the score before they played the game, then they had to find a reason to give it that score. They chose story & acting. Oh, but they gave Gears 2 an amazing score, despite the fact that it's filled with testosterone-infused meathead morons with absolutely awful dialogue, cliche storytelling, predictable twists, poor voice acting, and an unbelievably anti-climactic ending.

Gears 2 is a very fun game, and it doesn't deserve to get killed in reviews because of those issues. They're auxiliary to the experience of PLAYING THE GAME. But the double standard is clearly visible, because Killzone 2 doesn't deserve to be killed for those same issues anymore than Gears 2 did. The only thing is, they gloss over those flaws for Gears, and they harp on them like they're some huge issue for Killzone 2.

What's with the double standards? The way they praise this game, I absolutely can't believe they took off that many points from the score.

Ghoul3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Callahan i ave to agree on everything you posted so far on the edge rating topics.

bubble agree

Thats wat i allways say a score is a rating and should allways compete with the same genre and games around. Opinion (about design etc, and not about a unplayable game for example) how ever doesnt belong in the rating. Opinion about such (gameplay irelevant stuff) should stay within the written review and no where else.

pshizle3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

the controls are the worst...i used the standard2 controls but i just seem to wish i was playing on a xbox360 controller.

and there amount of motion blur is the most i have ever seen in a game which is a bit distracting.

Parapraxis3538d ago

FPS gamers before KZ2 - "I wish the controls feel more realistic, you couldn't jump quickly with all that gear IRL, and when shooting a gun you have to pull a trigger, there's a little delay"

FPS gamers after KZ2 - "oh this game has lag, when i go to jump it's not super fast, and I can't do a 180 in a fraction of a second. I wish when I pressed my button my gun fired as if there was no trigger to pull"

Controls are fantastic. It's like I'm really holding a gun! oh noes!

butterfinger3538d ago

I was totally blown away by the demo. I absolutely LOVE the way it plays, and I can't wait to get into the multiplayer.

Ghoul3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

papraxis bubble agree

Thats EXACTLY why i LOVE killzone 2

You feel like you actually have some weight and gear on your character. The Jumping is the best ive seen in ages, the characte actually needs to lift the body off the ground instead of instantly jumping 5 feet like in halo wich i hated.
And the Gun has a trigger delay and awesome spread feeling.

To all you haters.

Every tried a 180 turn while running ? well good luck it will hurt.
I love the way killzone2 reacts you actually gotta plan how to cross a street as you cant just make a 180 jump and headshot the enemy that was behind you.

N4g_null3521d ago

I'm wondering how many FPS have you guys played?

Then I'm wondering which one you currently own and the last time you played those games?

Then tell me why you don't play those games any more?

Now if you don't have over 20 FPS games in your library then you can never understand why killzone2 or crysis is not seen as the best FPS out. It's not always about graphics yet more about game play. I'm A great sniper and overall player of FPS and have played with some of the best.

Most FPS designer do not understand that a skilled player plays totally different than a new comer.... I see this a lot on the console, they call it leveling the playing field which actually dumb down the game play. You should be able to tell a good player from many other thing other than camping positions and aim.

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Cajun Chicken3538d ago

How on Earth did Halo Wars and FEAR 2 both get one more point than Killzone 2, I ask?

Panthers3538d ago

Halo Wars scored a 7, but dont try to make sense out of Edge. They are garbage.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3538d ago

Fear 2:Project Origin 8/10??? I played the Demo, was o.k, nothing new, same old stuff, then i deleted it.

KillZone 2...Played 1 Billion times, was/is AMAZING...WISH I HAD THE FULL GAME NOW!!!...oh well...

My Review of Edge mag -
"It's very BORING, bit like Micro$oft"...Hmm...Is there a Link there???...
Edge = 0/10 (they gave LBP 10/10 tho!!!) ;)

Theory Of Xboxism3538d ago

Killzone 2 is nuthin new , same old thing , better visuals
tell me one thing u can do in killzone 2 u havent done before in games like COD , GEARS , HALO heck even HAZE

KZ2 is overhyped , ppl r blinded by the visuals , the game is so damn linear

solidjun53538d ago

tell me what Gears of War did that hadn't been before, but was exceptionally polished? hmmmm?? oh right, only when it's a 360 exclusive, that logic gets thrown out. You fanboys are hilarious.


Marcelles253538d ago

Tell me one thing that cod has that killzone doesn't
killzone 2 has amazing new A.I. an area that plagued its prequel. it also has vehicles while it is not expansive but is certainly there, COD doesn't have that. also it has destructible environments that make the player switch battle tactics after his cover has been blown away. it also has a badge system that lets players add special abilities too their character that make him a crucial part of the battlefield just as much as any other soldier there. It also has a squad system that puts you with 3 other guys that you work along side you to complete a certain objective. It has Warzone an actively changing arena where you must complete an objective given to you. The biggest of them all the best visuals ever seen on a console.
Once again what does COD have besides EXCELLENT button mapping and EXPANSIVE RANKING system that really doesn't truly show off a players talent

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TheMART3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Its not a duplicate, it has scans!

And Race Pro must be pretty good getting an 8 out of 10, a full point more then KZ2.