Top 20 Nintendo Happenings

Hats off to daredevil Remi - the second entry in this month's 20 snippets of Nintendo-related online strangeness. There's simply not enough blatant disregard for life and law in the world of gaming fandom.

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animalia853541d ago

first. nintendo wii sucks.

ChickeyCantor3541d ago

Look people he is first!
Lets give him a cookie!

WiiJunkii3541d ago

I am too, and about every 30 seconds I wish I had an IR Remote instead of a dual analog.

Don't bash the Wii. What you say sucks, I say is the future of console FPS controls.

FinalomegaS3541d ago

I actually don't feel like playing a FPS with dual analogue,

YES I AM SPOILED, I love to aim a gun with my hand not thumb =/

Popped in gears, COD4 and gave them a go ( again) they are fun but the fact I have to use my thumbs to aim is annoying.

Checked the HD FPS games like KZ2 and others and you'll notice one thing,people tend to play stiff and you can't blame them since they have to have a steady hand when you rely on aiming slowly with your thumb.

Took an other look at The conduit, and jeez I love how it has that PC mouse speed of aiming. Fallout3 and rest are great but once I had a taste of a better FPS control, that thumb of mine is going to be used for pressing that Big A button on the wii-mote.

Sorry little going off topic late at night =/ ...night