Out of Eight: New Star Soccer 4 Review

Out of Eight writes: "The most popular worldwide sport is something called soccer. Yeah, I had never heard of it either. Apparently, you can't use your hands and you run around for ninety minutes kicking a ball. Weird, huh? This activity has given rise to plenty of computer games, giving the less athletically inclined an opportunity to "head" some "balls" on a "pitch." Most of these games fall into two categories: the arcade game (like Pro Evolution Soccer) or the management game (like the appropriately-named Football Manager). The New Star Soccer series takes a slightly different approach, giving you control over one player and guiding them to super stardom. The series in now in its fourth iteration (where have I been?) feature new 3-D graphics and a more polished presentation, or at least that's what I can gather from screenshots. Hey, fourth time's the charm, right?"

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