First "REAL 3D" Title Unveiled (First Preview Video Included)

The media has been salivating about how the future of entertainment will be in 3D, and with fourteen planned 3D film releases, this year 2009 is the year of 3D. DDI will lead the videogames industry with 3D support planned in all its future titles. While some companies are looking at expensive 3D technology requiring specialised and expensive TV's and headsets. Data Design Interactive has continued with its accessible family friendly pricing, and found solutions through proven technology and software rather than hardware.

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kunit22c3540d ago

this looks lame :P sorry but most robot playing games are.. :P

SinnedNogara3539d ago

Data Design Interactive??? All their games are BS. I'd rather get my tonsils removed while playing QUEST 64 than play their garbage. I hope the economy takes them down like it did FRD. I now warn Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to stop them from making this game on their systems.

DDI SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!