IGN NYCC 09: Ghostbusters: The Video Game Progress Report

IGN writes: "Thanks to my blog, the fact that I stole "Making Ghostbusters" from the library, and a certain video, it's a widely accepted fact that I'm a pretty big Ghostbusters fan. You should care about this declaration of dorkdom because it means that I'm following Ghostbusters: The Video Game closer than any human being should be and that I'm getting pretty good at spotting even the tiniest of changes.

Let's take today's New York Comic-Con demo as an example. I was handed the controller, the demo started up, and I immediately identified the level as one I wrote a great deal about on April 28, 2008 -- this is the one where Ray and the recruit are battling through an architect's office, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man shows up, and the boys duke it out with some pesky poltergeists on the roof. Goof stuff, but something I've already seen. "

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