Immersion and Sony Conclude Litigation and Enter Into Business Agreement - (Get ready to rumble)

Immersion Corporation, (Nasdaq: IMMR - News), a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) today announced the companies have agreed to conclude their patent litigation at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and have entered into a new business agreement to explore the inclusion of Immersion technology in PlayStation® format products.

"We are pleased to have put this litigation behind us," said Immersion CEO Victor Viegas. "Our new business agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment is specifically intended to enable advanced vibration capability for the benefit of the PlayStation gaming community. We are happy to provide our technology in this regard and hope to make technical proposals very soon with respect to use of our technology in the PlayStation products."

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Captain Tuttle4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

But will all of those people with controllers without rumble have to buy new ones? Or will Sony do some kind of trade in?

ER1X4253d ago

Why are you repeating yourself?

Captain Tuttle4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

I posted that in an article that was in the Pending section and didn't make it to the front page. Not everyone who comes to the site has access to the pending section.

Edit: Actually, I see that BOTH stories got approved. That doesn't happen very often. My bad. You didn't answer the question though, toughguy.

ER1X4252d ago

Before this story was even up...toughguy ;-)

"Of course, I think you will have to buy the new controller when they come the end of the day Sony is a business just like all other console makers. They're not going to hand out millions of free controllers..."

There is no official news what they are going to do yet so that's just my guess.

deathtok4253d ago

Sony is going to do what they did in the original Playstation era. I bet they release an updated controller... the Dualshock 3. Microsoft is no stranger to this with the XBox either. I wouldn't be surprised if they get an updated controller like some rumors suggest.

FeralPhoenix4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

is that now they will have "rumble" back in the controllers....those early adopters brought PS3 consoles and controllers knowing full well that "rumble" was not a feature, so there's no problem for Sony there because that was their sucks but if you want "rumble controllers" then most likely you will need to buy new controllers....unless Sony is going to be very very generous and let those who already have paid of their console send in their old controllers for replacement, but I think thats highly unlikely, I mean why should they? they brought the product as advertised, Sony doesn't "owe" them a "new version".....THE BIGGER QUESTION is how long will it be before the "new" controllers will be available with games that support it? Well this is by far the best news for Sony, and who said "rumble isn't important to Gamers?" -I guess the proofs in the pudding....and wa'-la', Sony's adding rumble....and here we were thinking it was "a last gen feature." -LOL= Gamers Win!

Violater4253d ago

how long will it be and will the wicked games like motor storm get firmware updates to support it.
But u know what as long as it is possible i don't mind waiting so that it's done right.!

calderra4253d ago

How much you wanna bet there's rumble in the PS3 by Christmas?
And all the PS3 fans will pretend that it really was Sony's "choice" to not include rumble all along.

Bowie fan4253d ago

Typical Sony.

When they can't use rumble they're saying it's last-gen, and playing down it's loss. Then suddenly it's back on the cards again, and they just can't live without it!

What hypocrites they are!

deathtok4253d ago

The counter on their part is that Immersion has an updated rumble feature, if this is what they include then they can put the spin on that.

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