Rumor : Sony to unveil the PS3 Home functions during GDC ?

And the hype train is rolling.

First, this statement that "PS3 owners will be very happy with the GDC announcements

Then, this kotaku rumor about a mix between Nintendo's Miis and Xbox 360's achievements.

A neoGAF thread linked below adds more to the rumor. This thread also provides some evidences, such as patents recently made by Sony.

Here's a quick sum up :

- The "Home" button will give access to a virtual space, where you'll have an avatar (Miis)

- You will be able to decorate this place

- Trophies obtained during games will be stocked there (achievements)

- People will be able to visit your "Home", check your trophies.

- This will be a place for discussion, but also, people will be able to access music and videos you have stored on your HDD (myspace ?)

So it seems like Sony is gonna make a huge update to the PSN, and like they stated back at E3 2006, try to create a huge community. This mix of many existing things should be, if true, surely very cool.

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UrbanJabroni4248d ago

Let us shed a tear for the loss of the superior NFL 2K series, with its "Cribs" function that gave you a house that your custom character could decorate with different pieces of furniture/trimmings/mini games and fill with all your achievement trophies.

Aside: Please, please let their new football game have customizable _everything_ that can be shared online so we can all contribute to making the actual NFL teams and players.