170° Slams PSN Network

In an article review hosted on written by By Matt Slagle. He writes:

"The PlayStation Network is painfully behind Nintendo Co.'s Virtual Console for the Wii and
Xbox Live for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360."

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joevfx4433d ago

a moron im sorry, it hurts to read his article , i feel embarresed for him. way to jump on the " its cool to hate PS3" bandwagon buddy.

highps34433d ago

YAHOO has been going down hill and this is not going to help the cause.

Didnt read it, dont care, whatever!

Funky Town_TX4433d ago

If he would have praised PSN you guys would like it. It's okay to have other dislike what you like.

whengeeksgobad4433d ago

The thing I don't get about the previous comments is that this guy has legitimate complaints. Would you care please to disprove or offer another take? Is connecting the ps3 to a wireless network easier than he suggests? Is he lying about having to start downloads all over if they get interrupted? Are you really stuck watching the ps3 download without being able to continue surfing? Is he lying about not being able to play the classic games but instead you can only upload them to the psp? Honestly, I'm not trying to start a fight I'm just asking. I don't have a ps3. But I've heard from other sources that everything this guy is saying is true. If its not, by all means I agree he is a moron. But if he's telling the truth, why are you getting worked up about a review that calls it like it is? He goes on to talk about how great the games are looking, it's not like he's calling it junk. If what he's saying is true, I'd have to say I agree with him, the PSN needs a bit of work.

wildcat4433d ago

You have to remember that the PSN is still in its infancy. Background downloading, downloadable PS1 classics running on PS3, and other features like the Home feature will be added in an oncoming update.

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The story is too old to be commented.