Rumor: New PSN Avatars Coming Soon writes:

Yes you read that right, a much needed update to the PSN avatar selection is indeed coming soon. Our inside sources have told us that we can expect new avatars for many SCEA titles in the coming months.

In fact we have already had some hints about this being dropped by SCEA's Marketing Manager Mark Valledor, as well as an actual sneak peak of some upcoming Pain avatars.

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RememberThe3574310d ago

I would really like a nice selection of throw back avatars from our favorite PS2 and PS games. Frankly, I couldn't give two sh*ts about pain avatars.

Sev4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

Don't you worry. Much more than Pain is on it's way.

Off Topic, will be getting a full scale re-design coming within the next couple weeks, be sure to bookmark us.

eagles19904310d ago

Awesome!!! I like Ratchet and Clank but I think I really need a change

Sev4310d ago

@ Eagles1990

How are you my friend, never seen you here before! Welcome to N4G

Simon_Brezhnev4310d ago

lol sev seems like u have haters disagreeing with u for no reason

TheHater4310d ago

I had you site bookmark since it first launch last year.

Sev4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

@ TheHater,

Thanks bro, that means a lot. But yeah, a new design is coming soon, from the person who designed and this site (as well as BadJoystick).

We will have a points system for users who comment, and a place where users can submit articles among many many new features.


Actually looks like there is a hater disagree-ing with you too.

PataponKnight4310d ago

I want some more avatars from PSP games too.

Sev4310d ago


Are you being sarcastic? LOL Just kidding.

eagles19904310d ago

I've been here since around E3 but I don't post much. I'm fine but tired. Just got off of work.

Panipal20054310d ago

I'm looking forward to your relaunch as well. I'm expecting it to go along the same lines as Siligon and the VG tilt relaunch. Namely where he promised huge great reveals and turned around and took his site down completely.

oh wait you already did something similar. otoh you got such a kick out of it last time why would you deny yourself another go?

Sev and Siligon, sittin' in a tree

Kay aye ess ess aye enn gee

Sev4310d ago

Running low on bubbles I see Panipal...

You are kinda fun, it feels pretty cool having a stalker. You make me feel like a big deal. :)

ThanatosDMC4310d ago

i hope it's our Home avatars, so we can dress up as stupid idiots like that Ken/Ryu custumes. I personally want a RE2 Licker costume or a Dead Space costume if possible.

Beware of the Red Pants Gang! (in Home)

StalkingSilence4306d ago

Panipal and his pal sittin' in a tree
Dee oh you see H and E.

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pwnsause4310d ago

i would like to see more 3rd party avatars as well, like Capcom avatars, namco bandai avatars, you know...

Sev4310d ago

I would too, and I do hope those are coming. I was only told about SCEA avatars though.

StalkingSilence4306d ago

There are currently only 9 3rd party avatars for SCEA PSN. I am keeping an eye on Sony's avatar site.

Zydake4310d ago

I want a MGS avatar or some new upcoming disc game or psn game avatar. Just a thought .

Calvin_ISA4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

We need an ISA avatar, so I can stop using the Helghast one. 'Cause the Helghast one contradicts with my name. Haha. [:

MGS avatars would rock the sh*t too. :P

Gerry Mark II4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

The beauty of this X!tches is it doesnt cost us 1 billion Microsoft Points per avatar. They are FREE.

hippo244310d ago

So they took the absolute worst part of the nxe and brought it to the ps3....

Wow give me something that's actually worthwhile making.

infamousinfolite4310d ago

when microflop do/make something it turns into a flop when sony do/make something, well... (e.g. PS3) nuff said.

hippo244310d ago

No, Im pretty sue crap is crap no matter whos butt it comes out of

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