Sony: We Need to Be More Open

Sony clammed up about PlayStation 3 after their E3 blow out last year.
Phil Harrison, the company's president of worldwide studios, readily admitted that was a mistake to Newsweek's N'Gai Croal and said they should have been more forthcoming. In a subsequent interview with Croal, Harrison appears to admit this as a company-wide problem they need to work on going forward.

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calderra4251d ago

*thumbs down*

"The Boomerang design is final. We will not be changing it."
-Harrison, Hirai

"100% backwards compatibility is critical to the Playstation 3."
[...just not for Europe]

"All launch titles will be in 1080p at 60fps."

Yup. Their problem is that they wait too long before they speak. That's it.

DJ4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Proper quoting involves providing the original source of that quote, i.e. a published article from a reliable news provider. But hey, I think you can prove me wrong with this particular 'quote':

"All launch titles will be in 1080p at 60fps."

I'm sure this "everyone" can be found somewhere, right? Right?

testerg354251d ago

DJ, last time you were asked to supply links to your "facts", you came back that you can't cause its published articles.

calderra4251d ago

Random 1080p/60fps media:
(various titles promising 1080/60)
(Kutaragi actually promises 120fps)
(Random Sony exec saying Motorstorm was still 1080/60)

And that was just within the first two Google pages for "Ken Kutaragi 1080p 60fps". I'd have probably done better actually going for 120fps.

Chagy4251d ago

yes please be more open and then let us down again, but right now im pretty happy with my ps3 it looks like its going places now :) hmmmm i can imagine a year from now when the ps3 will be the best system ever and we will be in firmware 4.xx yessssss cant wait for that one

fenderputty4251d ago

At least I know he plans on having the system do it. Although I doubt it will happen until the blu-ray players go down in price.

InMyOpinion4251d ago

I think they should stop choking on their own s...

Booneral4251d ago

They should be more open, and less arrogant. Well said. If that'd happen, I'd just start to like Sony like I did when PlayStation was out. (Don't get it wrong though, I like PlayStation 3, yet I don't like Sony and the strategy of Sony. Do I like Microsoft? hell no! I do like Nintendo, and that's one company doing it right. I just own a 360 from this gen right now, so I think I am being objective about this).