Glitches: When Players Say 'Enough!' - A Tale Of 'Metal Gear Online' Woes

Patrick Klepek of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Multiplayer intern Sal Basile is looking at glitches for us again. What happens when glitches go unaddressed for too long? That's happening in "Metal Gear Online" now, argues one gamer, and it's forced them to reconsidering continuing to play the online side of "Metal Gear Solid 4.""

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PirateThom3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

The game never should have been set up outside of PSN.
Konami should never have been allowed their own log in/shop system.
The game should be patched the way all games are patched, through XMB, rather than the stupid Peer-to-peer system.

I love the game, but when you even having Kojima criticising Konami's online system, you know someone messed up, either Sony for letting it happen, Konami for doing it or Kojima for not being more vocal about the issues.

I'm hoping people keep complaining about this until Konami swallow their pride, change the log in completely and run the system through PSN and refund everyone their money back to pay for items from PSN instead.

lost23545d ago

i stopped playing MGO
it sucks so bad

pwnsause3545d ago

MGO is a good game. But the KONAMI ID bulls**t ruined the magic for me. When I heard that people supposively lost their MGO DLC becuase of that shotty system, I just told myself to not play MGO until they bring it to the PSN. but it looks like it will never happen. I hope Konami hears this. If they make a MGS4 subsistance edition with MGO in it with PSN integration(NO KONAMI ID) i will gladly come back to it and buy the DLC for it. but it looks like it will never happen. A damn shame... this game almost blew it for MGS4 itself.