Microsoft to Push the Xbox 360 in India Like Never Before

In an interview with The Angry Pixel, Country Manager Jaspreet Bindra reveals Microsoft India's plans to get the Xbox 360 back in the game. So to speak.

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Blaze9293592d ago

Seeing as thats where all the Customer Service Reps are -_-/

PotNoodle3592d ago

India to the 360 is like japan to the 360.

360 man3592d ago


360 is more popular in india than ps3

get ur facts right next time

Ta Ta

PotNoodle3592d ago

Proof or lies

And i never even mentioned the PS3, i was talking about the PS2 still being so dominant over there.

Elven63592d ago

Consoles like the Genesis are still popular their because the market is flooded with them (And I kid you not, every other store will have a Genesis for sale in the original box), games are easy to find and are cheap. Because of the way the economy is in India the Genesis is a really popular item among people, forget about current gen, a majority of them are happy with 16 bit!

I Win3592d ago

People to take you're word.

tamd3592d ago

pretty much late marketing
piracy is too high in india

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The story is too old to be commented.