The Conduit video

A new video of The Conduit featuring gameplay footage has been released.

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ChickeyCantor3567d ago

Looks cool, screw that guy who played it >=(.

Product3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Looks fluid there wasnt any frame drops from what i saw.
Although i wish they would have shown him aiming it to get a feel for the precision which im presuming is also fluid.
I saw this earlier and i hope that more gameplay videos get into the public from the NY comic-con

Shoko3567d ago

Looks better and better everytime we see it. Everyone looked so.........awesome. The effects, the sound, the character models, everything.

Anyone else think it was epic when he went around the corner and saw those 2 huge tripod enemies? That was cool.

SinnedNogara3567d ago

Yeah...what is a warp pistol?

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The story is too old to be commented.