Joystiq: NYCC 09: GTA Chinatown Wars Hands-On

Grand Theft Auto's jump into the current generation of home consoles introduced a new level of depth, realism and maturity into the franchise. While Niko's story was compelling, it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi that series regulars expect. In lieu of zany over-the-top comedy, there was drama; in lieu of arcade action was a refined cover and aiming system.

These changes certainly progressed the series further, but it's hard not to miss the classic action found in earlier GTA games. Chinatown Wars, Rockstar's first real foray into DS development, is the perfect opportunity to revisit the arcade trimmings of the classic PS1/2 era of the games. Chinatown Wars is, at its best, a perfect blend of old-school gameplay with modern design philosophies.

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