GamePro: First look at Killzone 2 demo

GamePro writes:

"The first thing I noticed was how different the game felt from any other FPS I have played in the past. The physics are impressive. My gun actually felt like it had weight to it. Turning and aiming have a tiny lag to them like they would in real life. Slammed into the heat of battle against the Helghast on their home world, suddenly I was very aware of where I was aiming. In a game like Call of Duty, one could get away with shooting a little bit to the right or left and still hit their mark. It's hard to articulate how the difference feels until you have the controller in your hands. I liked this change of pace; it feels like I was provided with an actual challenge instead of having the game aim for me. The AI is sufficiently decent, at one point while trying to destroy a bridge I was surprised attack from all sides. It made for an interesting gaming experience not plagued by stupid opponents."

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SAiOSiN3542d ago

wuts the point of impressions if the they already reviewed the game? just my opinion here.

kewlkat0073542d ago

The game have been reviewed.........

Dino3542d ago

That's how it's supposed to play and it's fun. Hope everyone else will realize that and stop the griping.

ALIEN3542d ago

"The first thing I noticed was how different the game felt from any other FPS I have played in the past.'

KZ2 is amazing. Everyone is talking about it, and they are giving it the credits it deserves. This game is going to boost some sells.

edwineverready3542d ago

gg doesn't listen to the complainers. now this game is special and if they change the controls it will be just like all the other shooters.

slave2Dcontroller3542d ago

I love how it plays and feels, The weight just makes it that more awsome. Its like a beautiful song and dance, Aim. POP POP POP. Release. RE-Center Aim. POP POP POP.

AWWWWWWWW this game is the BEEZNEEZ!!!! And SO MUCH FUN!!!

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