BadassGamer Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

Badassgamer writes
"The demo consists of the first 2 sections of the Corinth River level, the very first level in the game. The opening cinematic we have seen countless times in videos and previews of the game starts the level, As the cut-scene plays out it is quite clear why Killzone 2 has been praised for it's visuals, they are quite simply stunning, from the character models, to the lighting, smoke and debris, the game is really a sight to behold."

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snaz273566d ago

to be honest i wasnt that blown away by the graphics dont get me wrong its not crap or anything just no huge leap from what weve already seen and to be honest id like the devs to spend more time on making the games epic in size not just graphics... i aint played the full game yet obviously but i just think it wont be massive as i think they put all there effort into it looking good. but most of all i didnt find the game to be that fun! i mean come on did anyone pick it up and just love it from the start? gleefully dashing about rippin the halgast apart? hmmm i want arms and legs coming off not just helmets lol. just wasnt fun for me. id get it if i found it cheap but thats it

PirateThom3566d ago

I loved it from the moment I turned that corner and killed those Helghast on the ledge.

snaz273566d ago

ok man cool im glad you did like it each to there own i guess i didnt think it was crap just wasnt blown away and thought the lag was daft. not somethink i would expect in this era of gaming. just try this now and see if you agree while runnig turn the camera do it a few time you will see it doesnt respond instantly even the menu is slow to respond. do you think thats acceptable?