CVG and/or Valve needs to come clean about "Valve rep" quote

Darkpower of Game Gazette writes:

"I'm sure everyone has seen it by now. The quote from Valve mocking (or was it quasi-confirming?) the Left 4 Dead PS3 rumors and listings on several shopping websites, via a CVG article. The "Valve rep" told them, "Fantastic. I can't wait to see it."

Why did I put "Valve rep" in quotes, you ask? Because during the past few days, I've been getting a few e-mails from the CVG article's author, Michael Jackson (no joke. That's his name), concerning some things I wrote in our news article concerning the quote. Specifically, the parts about how I came to the conclusion that CVG was taking people out of context a lot (which I answered with just one name: Chad Kroger. He's since shut up about that one), and how I thought a "Valve rep" wasn't a higher up at Valve. I replied to him that a rep is a mouthpiece (usual understanding in the business world). What I got today as a reply from him was something that may be telling about CVG's reporting of the story, and more importantly, telling that there is a much bigger story between the lines on this one. Let's just say this: From the e-mail I got, you could argue that CVG was trying to cover Gabe Newell's ass."

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solar3544d ago

wow let it go already....

JD_Shadow3544d ago

Dude, listen to yourself, seriously. You're going to tell people to "let it go" when there might be a web site that is protecting someone who's trying to protect themselves from being linked to a detrimental comment that was a very bad thing to say to begin with?

I know you like Valve's games and all, but do you really think that it serves us any by acting the way you do towards ANYTHING that's negative towards Valve? Yeah, Torrence Davis likes their games, too, but main thing is, he's a LOT more respectful of other's opinions than you are being, and I respect his opinions more than yours.

NaiNaiNai3544d ago

you say that, after all the ps3 fans attacking 360 forums yet again. T_T. after they insult a company going mutiplat. after all this BS, and yet you think they should support any group of gamers that sad and pathetic.

solar3544d ago

:D sup dark.

i criticize Valve too. they do sh1t i dont like....but let it go. i dont care who is defending who or hiding this or that...i want to play games. thats it. i dont care like you do.

and i dont mind if you dont cherish my opinion. its cool. no one said you had to :D

keep gaming brah.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3544d ago

Left 4 Dead PS3 version confirmed

HDgamer3544d ago

anyone cover Gabe Newell's ass? It's bigger than Peter Griffins.