Why Virtua Fighter 5 shouldn't (and doesn't) have online multiplayer

An article posted on goes into an indepth discussion of why Sega's Latest Blockbuster hit Virtua Fighter 5 would suffer from online play.

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THAMMER14301d ago

But it is not as big of an issue as some may want you to believe. I play DOA online all the time and have has 2 games with lag issues. VF5 needs to have online BIG TIME I will not buy it if dose not.

Street fighter II has online and you mite have had a problem last year but it only took them 2 months to fix it.

In the article they defend the lack of on line play by saying the game is reflex based, so if we took that approach with every game there would be no online play for anything.

Boink4301d ago

no online play is LAME and pathetically lazy...good job sega.

power of Green 4301d ago

Yah! fighting other people in fighting games is so stupid man those people that grew up playing fighters in arcades don't have a clue I wish Killer Instict never allowed you to fight other people and world wide cred would be even be more ridiculous than arcade cred.

techie4301d ago

I have no idea about the mechanics of any of this...seems to make sense...but I'm not sure if it's because it can't be done, but because it would take a lot of money and development time to do so...Doesn't every xbox game have to have online though...?

Siesser4301d ago

Guitar Hero technically doesn't. I think as long as they have achievement points, the game can be made. And both have leaderboards, I believe, which may count as "online" in their eyes; not sure.

Say's you4301d ago

No wonder you only see it on DOA4 and thats it and also
Mortal Kombat from current generations the online games for
fighting games is just a useless feature that doesn't even
need one.

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The story is too old to be commented.