Covers for Heavenly Sword, anyone?

The box-art for Heavenly Sword has apparently been unleashed on the PS3Forums and you know what? That box-art is snazzy.

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techie4251d ago

I hear it's delayed :( WHy! It's been in development in Cambridge down the way for about 3-4years! Hmph.

techie4251d ago

Their official site is interesting if you want to have a look. Hasn't been any news about it for ages, but I believe they are going to announce that it is delayed at the GDC summit
Hmph, rumble, hmph, kissy, hmph

Lars Cornelis4250d ago

old, and the original source is

by the way... it IS indeed official, it came directly from Sony COmputer Entertainment Benelux, and I'm the one who can know that, because I've got this boxart from Sony Benelux (belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

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