Australian sales charts, week ending 25/02/07

After a month of Warcraft ruling the charts, it seems we have a new number one. It's called Final Fantasy XII, and it's on the old PS2. But, that's not the only chart newcomer - at number two it's the newly released Crackdown, followed by more new blood in Supreme Commander at three. Despite slipping from top spot, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade is still doing well, coming in at four. Zelda: Twilight Princess made a big jump, coming from out of the top ten to five.

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gogators4250d ago

to lose it's grip on the video game industry. At least crackdown seems to be doing well. Very good game none-the-less.

N4G_FANBOY_CRAP4250d ago

Crackdown is fun but too quick,no story and i'm already bored with it.