What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Kotaku: Halo Wars! Yes, after publicly proclaiming that I would play the Ensemble Studios developed strategy game at CES, I walked away from the Las Vegas Convention Center unsatisfied. Why? The lines were too long.

Now that I've got a review copy of the Xbox 360 game, I'll give it a spin in the comfort of my own home. I'll also squeeze in some Auditorium for an upcoming review, as well as an effort to finally finish Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, having my interest in the game renewed by my recent visit to Naughty Dog's studios. Woot!

What about you, there? What's cookin'?

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_Q_3542d ago

And so more KZ2 DEMO

NaiNaiNai3542d ago

Halo wars demo
Fable II
RockBand 2
CoD [email protected]

and maybe some grid.

DrWan3542d ago

stuck in devil may cry 4, where I have to fight dante..i guess i will try again.

Karum3542d ago

I too will be trying to finish off Drake's Fortune.

I'll also be playing a little Gears 2 as I haven't finished that yet either.