Rumor Killers: February 6

1. Microsoft to announce two new IPs?

2. Is Sony readying a new Syphon Filter for PS3?

3. SOCOM: Confrontation to receive DLC Soon?

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BLUR1115643d ago

Killer Instinct 3 please!!!!

Gerry Mark II5643d ago

Clearly you Xbots and the writer of this article don't know the definition of a new IP.

Killer Instinct 3 sounds like the SEQUAL of an EXSISTING IP.

BLUR1115643d ago (Edited 5643d ago )

Killer Instinct was on Nintendo not the Xbox 360

and why did you read the part for Microsoft new releases if you hate the 360 and it's gamers??

Wow... you must be one threated fanboy.

Gerry Mark II5643d ago

No sh!t it was on the Nintendo. I got it.

New IP means new IP. Say for example Halo 4 came to the PS3 (which it wont in a million years) does that make it a new IP?


predator5643d ago

it does when its a new IP for that console

heyheyhey5643d ago


errrr.. no it doesn't

a new IP is a new IP.... end of, it won't be a sequel to any existing franchise hence the "new IP" bit... as in, completely new franchise

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Darkseider5643d ago

Does anyone else find it odd that "Sony" <--- Bend Studios is looking for people with XBox 360 experience? Last I remember is that Bend Studios is located in Oregon and owned by Sony. If this is still the case why in the hell would they be looking for people with XBox 360 experience?

predator5643d ago

They basicaly want Next Gen experiance..nothing else in that

TOO PAWNED5643d ago


Do you realise how stupid you sound atm? Studio is called "SONY Bend studio", it was acquired by Sony durring PS1 days.
So you ask "Why 360?" Because it is "current gen" console experience.

ThePimpOfSound5643d ago

Syphon Filter? There's a series that needs to die, or reinvent itself.

TOO PAWNED5643d ago

Speak for yourself. PS2 game(s) sucked azz compared to PS1. To me PS2 version of SF felt like second thought. Sony didn't have them as priority, similarly they did this gen with Soccom, turning that massive IP into crap fast. Why? dunno ask Sony

On other hand PSP SF games are amazing, probably best action games on that system.

IF they can reinvent some this, add new elements to this genre and put big budget behind it, than it could turn into great game. I know i would buy it, but if i notice mediocrity like with PS2 games...PASS!

predator5643d ago

I hope to god it is Killer Instinct 3..that would make my year

stewie328875643d ago

Heh, I remember how when I used to play Killer Instinct at my friends house. We used to love doing the finishing move where the heavy chested girl would flash you Ah, to be ten again...

thats_just_prime5643d ago

Funny thing is it says 2 NEW IP's then it says highly likely. KI is not a new IP


explain stupid . The 2 new IP's MS was talking about was 1. LIPS 2 . How to film a movie or how to make a movie , whatever the fk that name is .

predator5643d ago

number 1, killer instinct will be a new ip for the 360

number 2, read the article, they have not been announced yet so please explain "explain stupid . The 2 new IP's MS was talking about was 1. LIPS 2 . How to film a movie or how to make a movie , whatever the fk that name is ."