GameDaily: Rygar: The Battle of Argus Review

GameDaily writes: "It's hard to believe that after seven years, this is the best Tecmo could do with Rygar. The Battle of Argus for Wii is nothing more than a port of the 2002 PlayStation 2 game, with a few new enemies and the addition of a dry thug-bashing Gladiator Mode. Decent graphics bring this fantasy world to life and the music sounds epic, but the game's other problems are hard to overlook, starting with the clunky gameplay. You'll often miss enemies right next to you, adjusting the camera is a never-ending source of frustration and worst of all, we hate Rygar's new appearance. Instead of looking like a buff Roman warrior, he resembles a reject from a porn convention. Newcomers may enjoy this remake, but everyone else should stick with the superior (and inexpensive) PS2 version".

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