Spamming Fireballs : Raising Thier Blood Pressure With R-Type Dimensions Review

Spamming Fireballs writes: "After the release of this updated version of R-Type & R-Type II on XBLA this Wednesday I have been brought back into touch with an old friend and I'm not talking about R-Type but with controller breaking rage.

I played this for hours as a kid on the Amiga but I seem to have phased out in my brain the experience I had back then which has came crashing back to me, ITS SO HARD! I was so impressed with my progress I made in Ikaruga getting through stages some without loosing a life so I start up R-Type in the same manner expecting to do well as some SHUMP gaming hotshot and I die, shoot, die and die again. This is so hard, what is wrong with me??!!"

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