GTA IV: October Release Confirmed

In its financial results conference call, publisher Take Two has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto IV will be shipped simultaneously for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in October.

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Mattey4250d ago

Is that picture of GTA 5? if someone knows were to find screens send a link.

360RULA4250d ago

there aint no gta4 screens shots yet just fake's there should be a trailer at the end of the month (march) so be on the lookout even thou i whould rather see crackdown 2 ....... well i like crackdown much better then gta but ill like to see what the next gta is going to be like

addictedtogames4250d ago

an old saints row screen, Dont know why they would put a saints row screen up. oh well

Havince4250d ago

And we knoew it was October release anyway