Wanted: Weapons of Fate to be a better game than movie?

Wanted might go down as one of the worst films this decade, but it has all the ingredients to make a pretty cool video game if done right. Let's just hope the ability to curve bullets and slow down time doesn't make the game play as trivial as playing as Darth Vader's secret apprentice.

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ironwolf7773542d ago

I don't agree that the movie sucked.
I agree that you suck.
The game is gonna suck though.

ThichQuangDuck3542d ago

was the movie amazing no because plot was slighlty just slightly cliche with dad thing. But action we can all agree was bada$$, but there wasnt enough action sequel will be good because they wont have to set up story. As for the game looks pretty good I will have to see reviews but since I was personally a fan of movie and gameplay 23 minute documentary looks ok I will definitley rent

lord_of_balrogs3542d ago

Uhh the movie was awsome, this writer might go down as the worst journalist of the decade.