SouthSideGamer: Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

SouthSidegamer writes:

"Yesterday the killzone 2 demo was made available around 12pm central time for the people who have pre-ordered through gamestop. Took a total of 3 hours to download 1gb at least on my connection, I felt the excitement as I did when receiving the beta back in November."

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Sasanova4556d ago

first time through it felt average, but once i adjusted sensibility and button layout, i swear, i speed ran it when i got used to aiming perfectly, went through the demo in under 5 minutes. lightning fast, omg, never did an FPS feel so really does take skill

Timberland2K94556d ago (Edited 4556d ago )

the final build will run in 1080i and if you look on the title screen it clearly says 2008 and the game play runs in 720P

as well as if you stay at the title screen it will show game play that looks way cleaner than the one you played

Also the guerrilla games QA Manager is looking into the aim sensitivity

Edit: It doesn't matter its still not final build did you look at the video after the title screen and it clearly states Sony Computer Entertainment 2008

Sasanova4556d ago

aaah sorry to disappoint you kid, but the game will look better on 720p then 1080i.

Storm234556d ago

You don't have to say that in every Killzone 2 thread. It is just getting very annoying.

Can't wait for this game. Have not and will not play the demo. Getting the full experience when the final game comes out. Gonna be amazing!

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s8anicslayer4556d ago

so 3 more weeks left,hurry up already