Keeping Bad Company: Did you just see that?!

Sometimes in life you will find that you have seen or experienced something amazing, and nobody was there to share it. If you've ever seen a shooting star whilst walking alone, or watched a bird of prey swoop down and snatch a mouse before winging away, you will know how it feels. You find yourself wanting to shout "hey! Look at this!" but nobody hears you. You are left standing alone and in awe. These things happen in games too, but now that multi-player is bringing everyone together you never need be alone again. "Did anybody just see that!" you will ask, "yep" will come the reply.

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kaironn3541d ago

Very well written! It reminds me of a TON of "holy crap!" moments, most during the Halo series.

cherrycreamsauce3541d ago

Well...I'm skipping class today to play Battlefield Bad Company!

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