GS Interviews Joel Wade on The Godfather II

GamingShogun interviews Senior Producer Joel Wade on The Godfather II.

"...Q) Could you tell us about the decision making process in deviating from the original story line of Godfather II?

A) We wanted to continue the trend we started with in the original Godfather game, where we really wanted our customers who buy the game to be able to create their own fiction in the Godfather universe. While The Godfather: Part II movie was an absolute masterpiece, we didn't want to just simply re-tell the movie plotline and add game elements to it. We also made the decision to focus on the 1960s part of the storyline, rather than flash back to different periods of Vito Corleone's life. The reason for this is because we would've needed either two separate main characters or a character that spanned the entire length of all flashbacks – neither option seemed very appealing. Carving out your own story and being able to interact with all the characters yourself, along with the ability for you to build your own family from the ground up is really what we were going for..."

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