Call of Duty: World at War patch hits PC today

Call of Duty: World at War gets patched to version 1.2 today, says Activision.

A few changes and fixes are included in the update, along with a new map - a daytime version of "Makin" - which will be exclusive to PC.

Here's what you get:

* Fixed exploits that allowed for power ranking servers
* Fixed router related server authentication errors
* Fixed HTTP Redirect functionality for downloading mods
* Fixed sound device crashes stemming from Emulated Sound Devices
* Fixed exploit which allowed players to color their name tag
* Hits now register properly while targeted player is leaning
* Enabled /cg_drawfps in multiplayer games
* Fixed command-line +connect functionality
* /cg_fov no longer resets to the default value in between matches
* Dedicated servers automatically reconnect to the Master Server in case the Master Server resets
* "Accept Game Invite" is bound to its default key, F10
* Implemented fix for attempting to join password protected servers from the server browser
* Fine tuned Bolt-Action Rifles for balance
* Screenshots no longer overwrite each other
* Fixed various multiplayer map related issues and exploits

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SplatterU3544d ago

wow.......when is the ps3 patch coming, wheres the love?

Apocwhen3544d ago

COD:WaW on PS3 - Feb 27th - R.I.P.

picker3323544d ago

I haven't being able to play this game becouse of the damn crashes & blackscreen sh!t.

mrkeith3544d ago

damn i wonder when the ps3 patch will come out?