PS3 Price Cut? examines some comments made by David Reeves in yesterday's Guardian newspaper and discusses the possibility of a PS3 price cut this year.

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locos853542d ago

Price cut is good, but I already have my PS3. Still worth what I paid for :)

marinelife93542d ago

Actually the best quote was that he said that PS3 certainly won't be the cheapest player at the end of this year. We already know the PS3 isn't the cheapest so that means...

1. The PS3 will get a price cut but Sony expects Microsoft to respond with an equal price cut on the 360 so PS3 is still more expensive.

2. Or the PS3 price cut will happen but it will only be $50 or so leaving it still more expensive than where the 360 is currently.

pwnsause3542d ago

look at it this way, they cut the price, they will outsell the 360. Microsoft Responds by price cutting, sales will be on par with each other.