Penny Arcade comments on Tom Chick's killzone Review

Penny arcade makes a brief comment about Tom Chick's review of Killzone 2 on

"For my money, Tom Chick offers us a tremendous service: he is a reliable amalgamation of enthusiast and assessor. By contrast, I navigate through games (the world, everything really) on a wholly intuitive level - I know that these tools aren't capable of a holistic analysis, but that is the "sense" I use to understand systems. It's something like a sonar, which delivers a game's overall conceptual shape. It may be superficial, but at least it takes into account the entire surface...? Maybe? Tom Chick could probably have written that better."

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Gun_Senshi3540d ago

penny aqrcade are a biased joke

OGharryjoysticks3540d ago

They know their readers' fanbase and they play up to it.

redsquad3540d ago

An article about a review is news?

JonahFalcon3536d ago

Tom Chick panned the original Deus Ex, calling it one of the worst games he's ever played. That's all you need to know about his ability to review video games.