Videolamer: Chrono Trigger Review

Unlike Dragonquest, which Videolamer grudgingly gave a "go buy it if you're bored," they can't endorse Chrono Trigger on the DS enough. It's well recognized as one of the best games EVARRR, but they are pleased that they played it as an adult, and not a kid, so that they could fully appreciate the way an RPG should be designed and played.

Why are you still here? You should be out buying it already.

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Chris3993543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

With one or two extra scenes.

This is the epitome of lazy development. And don't give me that: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it line."

They fixed up the DS Final Fantasy ports without ruining the storyline, if anything, the additional cut-scenes, voice-work and visual updates ENHANCED the experience.

These reviews seem to be nothing but 30 y/o gamers (like myself), waxing poetic over a classic game.

Sure it's a decent title, one of the best of it's time. A time 14 years ago. Things change, they EVOLVE. Or at least they should. What's next, a straight PS1 port of FF7 for the PS3 with a $70 price-tag?

A little more effort would have been nice.