Grand Ages: Rome Demo available exclusively on Strategy Informer Now

Kalypso Media and Strategy Infomer are pleased to announce the release of the Grand Ages: Rome demo, available to download exclusively on Strategy Informer now.

The demo version of Grand Ages: Rome introduces two tutorials and two missions from the full game. In the first mission "Bread and Circuses" the player will have to build a small city, while "Legio VIII", the second mission, demands strategic and martial skills.

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Agent VX3545d ago

This game definitely has my interest, will have to wait until reviews come out to see if everything flows good.

I really really wish that a new Rome 2: Total War would come out. If there was one game on earth I would wish for the most, it would be that one.

terrandragon3545d ago

I'd rather see a Shogun 2, the first one was totally badass, but was for Windows 98 I believe?

Agent VX3545d ago

Hey, if I can't have Rome 2, they I would surely accept Shogun 2 as an replacement, it was a fantastic game.

Empire: Total War looks great, only a few more months before sea battles will be sucking up my time. Once Empire is release, my 360 and PS3 will be collecting dust bunnies.