We Cheer gets UK Cheerleader approval

The Core Gamer writes: "With the release of the highly non-anticipated We Cheer hitting store shelves today, Nintendo have released these lovely pictures to promote the game.

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Petresco3541d ago

They look nice, but nowhere near as good as the US flavour ones

Mr_Bun3541d ago

Shouldn't it be "Wii Cheer"?

Senden3541d ago

A cheerleader game.. dear lord. What next..something for the man of the house, build your very own authentic virtual furniture in the house.. sod doing something productive and real, why bother when you can use your trusty wii to build your very own virtual wardrobes and bathroom cabinets! Not only that, why not go a step further and stick it in super mario sims!

On a side note, those cheerleaders are a freaking insult to my country.. I thought cheerleaders were supposed to be drop dead gorgeous? Look at the podge on the blonde? She should stop drinking lambrini and get wii fit.. the stupid person's way to epically fail in getting in shape!

ThanatosDMC3541d ago

They look old and looks like one of them gave birth to the other cheerleader.

They used FAILED cheerleaders as models for the game.

Here's something disgusting to sexy up everybody's minds. Imagine grandma playing this game with the same skimpy outfit!

Relientk773541d ago

LOL @ 3.1's first 2 lines

LorD3541d ago

I'm sure all you virgin nerds talk tough now, but if put in the same room as any of those girls you'd all be quiet and stare at your feet while thinking of something clever to say.

Gish3541d ago

Ok, which UK sports has cheerleaders? Rugby? Cricket? I ask since in the US, basketball and football (not soccer) are the ones that have cheerleaders and those are pretty American of sports. Maybe they have more of a following than I thought in the UK. But someone fill me in.

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