Worms Coming To PSN

Gamebytes write, "In the latest edition of PSN catchup, the German USK rating board has revealed that Worms is making its way to the PlayStation Network.

The game has sold incredibly well on Xbox Live Arcade, raking in over half a million downloads since its release in 2007. Whether this is the exact same game as the Xbox Live Arcade version is currently unknown - but if every other XBLA to PSN game goes, it more than likely will be."

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Sangria3541d ago

That would be awesome :3

jahcure3541d ago

Come on..doesn't MS have another 50 mil stashed to prevent this garbage from happening?

user94220773541d ago

Worms is such a classic, I remember playing it with my uncle when I was young and it was full of fun...can't wait for this to come out.

DeforMAKulizer3541d ago

PSN is getting a huge amount of games!
Worms is great fun! I would love to play it again!

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