Armored Core 4 demo available

As revealed very early this morning, Armored Core 4 has now been put up on the Marketplace as a downloadable demo. The uncertainty surrounding the demo was as to which regions the demo would be available in. Major Nelson has revealed that the demo, for now at least, is Japan only:

Price: Free
Availability: Japan only
Dash Details: 3

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TheMART4252d ago

On XBOX Live at least.

Is it on your Sony network also already PS3 fans?

peksi4252d ago

Are you more interested in a game -not- arriving to PS3 than it arriving to 360?

DC RID3R4252d ago

I'll d/l it, see what it's saying :]

Geohound4252d ago

PS3 owners have the damn game on their system in Japan.

I downloaded the demo, it's okay, no access to the new ACSIS garage interface and weak generators and boosters on the cores. If your sick of waiting to see what the US version controls for the 360 are like, grab your jap account(like i did) and download. You get to use about 4 or 5 different designs, and you get 3 missions, plus the tut. Not bad overall, but there should had been some and design access.

ASSASSYN 36o4252d ago

Downloading now on my jap account!

AllroundGamer4252d ago

hmmm the Mart is desperate to reach the one bubble, so he needs our help people! maybe than it will unlock a hidden (douche) achievment for him :D

TheMART4252d ago

Listen buddy, I may ask if the PS3 has a demo on their online service or not, right?

If you think that costs bubbles, you are getting insane. Although I must say the PS3 lacks demo's and the 360 gets them all. Ain't that a bit sad for a online service?

dantesparda4252d ago

Hey Marty, buddy-old-pal, he's not saying that, because of your so called question, but because of your @ssholish intentions behind it. What do you think people are stupid? do you not realize just how obvious you are? You know you really are obsessed

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