Killzone 2 Demo HD Footage

GamersDigest have published a high definition 720p (1280 x 720) video on their YouTube channel with gameplay footage from the recently released Killzone 2 demo.

The demo itself comes in at 1207MB, and is available on some European PSN stores for everyone, and is on the American PSN store for those with a pre-order voucher.

The demo contains the first two sections of the very first level in the game, 'Corinth River', which is essentially used as the tutorial sequence in the full game.

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Nonsense 4 Gamers3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Why do they have things like this? Just go play the demo yourself! Pre-order KZ2 from GameStop for $5 or get it from the UK store. This is like " is giving away free KillZone 2 demo codes"

Just play the demo for yourself and you will see the amazing graphics and the fun gameplay.

Cronnie3567d ago

Well maybe not everyone who watched this video can play the demo themselves? It isn't like your being forced to watch the video, you clicked on the article knowing what it was...?

christian hour3567d ago

Exactly, like people like me. My PS3 is currently in a mates gaff and I've no way of playing the demo until I get it back off him in college on monday :( But I might just wait until its out in stores and let him enjoy the ps3 for a little while longer :P

I've got my 360 to keep me company until then. But damn I really do wish I was playing the demo :(

Baba19063567d ago

awsome demo!. cant wait to get the game.

Fishy Fingers3567d ago

Yup, I must of blasted through it about 30 times so far. Love it.

Interested to know what build it's taken from, seems some where between the beta and the retail. But I dont think it's final build or anything.

Cronnie3567d ago

Well the game did go gold a while ago, so the final build will be near identical to this, might be a few minor code changes but we probably won't notice ;)

Kufi-3567d ago

Its a Demo from Build will be better becouse of BlueRay.
There wont be LowRes textures in Final build.

Mc Fadge3567d ago

And load times will be longer, as it's not running off the HDD. I really love the demo though, playing it non-stop :D

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Ngai3567d ago

Dont watch.. PLAY! Freaking amazing

Sean Ryno3567d ago

I am not a fanboy of any system. I wish I could play Killzone2, but I'm not made of money and I have other priorities.

But haven't we had enough articles like this. These articles are clogging up the site and are detrimental to it's future success.

What's next?: "Killzone2 Level 5 part 2 in HD Download Now!", "Killzone2 HD footage of ______ multiplayer level, this time online with other players!!", "Killzone2 graphics so good they will melt your brain and then blow the pile of goo up with a frag!"

Seriously, I'm not hating on the game, just these "News Articles".

BTW:Super-Hyping a game can be dangerous. >cough< Spore >cough<.

gano3567d ago

Have people really forgotten about halo md.
And this is not even sony promoting it. It's that

Y post in articles u don't care about.

CyberCam3567d ago

You should type in any game in the youtube search & you'll get a ton of gameplay videos (even game demos). If your sick of these videos, then why don't you type "Halo Wars Demo" in the youtube search for something different then? Or you could take gano's advice and skip any article to do with Killzone 2, that way you don't have to respond to another Killzone 2 thread.

It just seems like the common sense thing to do, if you're so sick of the Killzone 2 Demo threads.

OmarJA3567d ago

Best FPS game ever...

TheMART3567d ago

Disagree, COD4 is still better in my opinion and COD6 will be FPS of the year 2009.

But its a descent, good shooter with some great effects of dying enemies and good explosions. Overall a game like Gears 2 has a more special feeling to it although Gears is 3rd person in the shooter part it still has the upper hand in overall experience. Although the AI in KZ2 looks solid.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

The Demo goes into my Favourite Demos of all Time -

MGS1 on PS1 ;-P (What a Demo!!!)
TimeSplitters 2 on PS2 ;-P (Played it 1 Billion Times)
MGS2 on PS2 ;-P (That ship!!!That Rain!!!)
KillZone 2 on PS3 ;-P (WOW!!WOW!!WOW!!Everything was was the 1st TRUE Looking FPS...F**K the 'i didn't like this' 'i didn't like that' SAD Haters!!!) ;-D

fafoon3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

have you finished Gears 2
just asking
Because checking you Gamertag you played it
Got about 4 or 5 achievements
and you aint ever been Back to the Game
Infact all the games you play on your Xbox are like that
out of all the games you boast about on here you aint even finished
And you got the nerve to give your onesided BoT opinion on what you think will be the Best Shooter this year
And you say "Gears 2 has a more special feeling to it"
How do you know
You aint Finished It
So Take your opinion somewhere else it aint Credible

lokiroo4203567d ago

Mart on behalf of everyone on this site, thank you for being such easy target practice. ONly once in a while does a box boy such as yourself put his retarded thoughts out there so willingly, and actually believe them to be worthwhile and insightful. So pull your hair back out of the way and keep bobbing on sony's knob.

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