EA: Mass Effect on PS3 a necessity not a choice

Gamer.Blorge: "One of the longest running rumors on the Internet (besides Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360) is the Mass Effect trilogy on PS3. The rumor all started after EA swooped down and picked up Bioware, the acclaimed studio responsible for the excellent game. However, with the economic situation, Mass Effect going to PS3 may be more of a necessity than a choice.

Mass Effect is one of my all time favorite games out there. I even have my character built up to use on Mass Effect 2. The game was so addictive I suffered from withdrawal symptoms while my Xbox 360 was out getting repaired last Christmas. The game had great gameplay mechanics with the turn-based battle system in place.

The rumor recently resurfaced briefly when EA execs indicated that Mass Effect 2 would be released multiplatform. The word "multiplatform" could mean many things; it could mean PS3/X360/PC or just Xbox 360/PC. The rumor was spurred even further when Edge reached out to EA and was told that they could not go into further details of what was meant by "multiplatform." It is a bit odd as to why EA would go to such lengths to hide the intended platforms."

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Danja3542d ago

well with EA posting huge losses im sure they are looking to earn more revenue so ME will eventually make it's way to the PS3....

and with the PS3 being there bringing the biggest revenue for's looking will happen...hopefully ne ways..XD

Simon_Brezhnev3542d ago

yeah hopefully we get it but if not oh well we have so many exclusives this year

socomnick3542d ago

I though they covered this already, didnt ngai confirm that it was only pc and 360.

PirateThom3542d ago

Why would they only tell N'gai it was PC/360?

EA said "multiplatform". N'Gai added to his twitter 360/PC.

It's hardly confirmation if EA didn't actually name any platforms.

eagle213542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

and the second late next year. I won't be mad either way, port it or lose more money EA.

Why dis3542d ago

3rd party games always do better when exclusive titles are lacking or flop.

PirateThom3542d ago

Are you sure you want to talk about lacking exclusive titles? Really?

Narutone663542d ago

last gen optical drive, it will be prone to rampant piracy. Developers are opting for one that isn't cracked yet. Reason's why developers make more profit from PS3 console. It's only reasonable that EA opted to release the game on multi-platform. One has a large (?) user base and one has a secure next-gen optical drive which haven't been cracked yet.

Sayai jin3542d ago

Title is a bit misleading. That quote was from the writer not EA. Only time will tell if MS goes to the PS3 as well. The game is really good and PS3 only owners would be fortunate to add this to their library.

The logic about the economy being bad so EA has no choice is not really a good one, because that same logic would apply to all developers. multi-platform could many many things. MS 1 was multi-platform 360/PC. Right now everything is pure speculation.

What's funny is that when MS was released a lot of people was saying it was not that good or sucked now the attitude has changed I wonder why. The same thing could be said about FF series, but we know that is multi-plat.

Bottom line, it is good to see so many great games go to each system. A lot of people wanted games like MGS4, Gears, etc to go multi, but what be the use if both systems had the same games.

morganfell3542d ago


I don't know if you are familiar with Croal but he isn't exactly an objective or accurate journalist.

Marquis_de_Sade3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I hope this is true, if so it better be a decent port as well. Would definitely purchase the 1st one again to play on my PS3.

Jinxstar3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Here are my truths. I know I will get hell for it. I hated the game. It was slow, cliched, unimaginative and had a ton of slowdown, never had more then 3 enemies on screen really. I found out why a decent way into the game where you come in a room and there are like 20 enemies... It clipped a long at a steady frame per second... The game did nothing for me. All I did was try and p!ss people off in the game and there was no backlash at all for being the biggest jerk i could be. i didn't get cut off and hence the "Choice" mechanism did nothing i could see. After about 12 hours of really trying to give the game a chance I had to quit because I died. After 3 hours of playing and here is the kicker. The game has no checkpoint apart from when you get to a new world basically. So I died and got sent back 3 hours in the game... I never picked it back up.

My advice. If you really like this type of game get it on PC. Bioware optimizes it for PC and it plays best on that paltform.

Nobody has ever been able to give me a single reason for what makes this game so great... Maybe people don't know what a good game is or maybe they like replaying 3 hours for forgetting that this game has no checkpoints(That I will never understand)... The game has more problems and glitches then any other game I have played this gen with a budget the size it has. No game is more cliched and steals from so many other licenses that I have played. Truly uninspired and slow to the point of boredom... Finally no game has offered me less in terms of enjoyment and innovation then this. "It lets you choose" but it doesn't matter. Same deal in the end basically.

I was expecting a full blown galaxy with hundreds of planets i could explore. When you open your holodeck thing on the bridge there are a few main planets with anything on them. maybe 6 or 7. There are tons of planets in the galaxy but 95% of them are only text based. you can just read about them. 3% are bland desolate planets with nothing on them save maybe a crashed ship with 50$ in it and an old set of bones with a "pretty necklace"... The story planets really are not very impressive, No scale, no pacing and no reason to really go back and explore or do anything.

I really really hope this game does not come to PS3 because it was weak and lame on so many levels.

Hate me all you want at least I can back it up.

Arnon3542d ago

*Sigh* The title of this article should be changed. It is stating that EA is saying that Mass Effect on the PS3 is a necessity. Yet, in the article, it's some mans opinion of the same thing people have been discussing for the past week or so.

The Lazy One3541d ago

@"Coming from the development side of the house myself"

as a game journalist?

aspergersyndrome3541d ago

EA makes more money on the 360 period.

Here is the truth:

Skip to page 12. Read and cry liars!

acedoh3541d ago

to keep this an exclusive. I almost think that is why EA is being so hush hush on this matter. Microsoft knows how important this game is to their library. Although I would think the price tag for exclusivity would almost be outrageous Microsoft would be better off developing their own games...

Think about it this way... A $60 game sells one million copies that is a revenue of $60 million. Minus expenses and it will still make at least $30 million. A game like Mass Effect 2 could easily sell two million on the PS3 giving it a profit of roughly $80 to $90 million. I am sure the price tag on exclusivity would be over $50 million and in today's economy Microsoft would be stupid spending their money that way. You could easily take $50 million and create two studios working on at least two 360 exclusives. I think SONY has learned that is money better spent.

caladbolg7773541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

So... games that are on both the XBOX360 and PC are called "multiplatform" now? I thought we were calling those "exclusives". I mean, ahem, "console exclusives".

***ONLY ON XBOX360... and pc***

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StayHigh3542d ago

They should of announce it for the PS3 and get it over with instead of stalling time..

What do Microsoft have this year? looks like they dont have no exclusive games..

bomboclaat_gamer3542d ago

and u dont know the difference between "of" and "have"

u lack some things too lol

gijose3542d ago

what exclusives does the ps3 have this year?

many are already being pushed back to 2010...

MS and sony will end up having about the same number of high quality exclusives this year. I wish one of the companies would change their strategies... sony promises too much and many games get pushed back, MS doesn't announce anything and games just sort of materialize for them. someone should find the middle ground...

cayal3542d ago

lol many?

So far NONE have been pushed back.

And before you say God of War 3 and Gran Turismo, neither were confirmed to be released in 2009.

Mozilla893542d ago

Off the top of my head, WKC, Killzone, next Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 2, Infamous, and GT5 should all make in 2009. Plus there might still be other exclusives announced later in the year. I think GOW is the only one that has a major chance of being released in 2010.

gijose3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

i guess they weren't CONFIRMED... then again they sure were thrown around when all the talk of "year of the ps3 2009" was going on.

so then what games ARE for the PS3 in 2009?

killzone 2 for sure, inFamous i guess, fat princess if were counting PSN games, and heavy rain at some point? *edit* missed the next post, throw ratchet and clank in and uncharted 2

just annoys me when kids run around saying "oh noes 360 just lost its last exclusive!!!" when the reality is, both systems will probably end up with the same amount this year. which is not many.

IaMs123541d ago

Then why the heck do you think MS is probably talk EA or buying its way into making it exculsive all the way through out. MS knows it needs to compete. Thats why they are probably shushed up about it all due to the fact MS is offering some stuff up on the side. For all we know a bidding war has taken place, Sony wanting it to go Multi, MS wanting to keep exculsive to help combat KZ2, Heavy Rain, Infamous and more.

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crck3542d ago

I said it months ago and I'll say it again. I'm sure EA has their hand out to MS asking for a check. If the check is big enough (and it will have to be big), ME2 will be a timed exclusive for the 360. If not then I would expect it to come out on PS3 at or around the same time. And MS will just write a much smaller check for some exclusive dlc like all the other recent games. That's why EA won't confirm or deny. They are probably still in talks with MS.

StayHigh3542d ago

smaller check for DLC? Microsoft will cough up 100 million this time(50 million for GTAIV DLC)They need to concentrate on building their studio and make exclusive game for their console..

Raz3542d ago

MS can't write cheques for everything. Everybody's getting hit by recession these days, and even mega-monster MS has had to make cutbacks.

And I wonder how much they ended up paying for FFXIII to take the 360 plunge...never mind GTA4 DLC, etc.

Mass Effect for PS3 - pretty much a given, considering their refusal to answer on the subject.

Why dis3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Holly sh*t people are still talking about this?

EA said multi platform! backing up what Bioware had said long time ago and that was: they are making the 360 version and were probably going to have the PC version release later on. Now EA has just confirmed that it will be multi platform like the first one.

Hot dam.

This is what EA was updating the other day when they spoke about multi platform the other day at some event:

"I believe we'll be Xbox 360 exclusive for at least a short period of time," Atwood told CVG. "We've got a really great PC fan base, we think it's really important to deliver the PC experience as quickly as possible"

EA announced multi platform the other day confirming what Bioware's plans were in the quoted announcement I posted above.

Jesus Christ.

ONYX7373542d ago

How long were people talking about MGS4 on 360. You can't always believe or dismiss rumors off the bat only time will tell

heyheyhey3542d ago

yes POG, of course... just like you claimed and swore with your numerous links that BioShock would never see the light of day on PS3... and what happened when it did POG? you just went into denial mode like the others

you keep setting yourself up for these killzownings POG and you always end up looking like an idiot..

so post away POG with your links, but don't cry when this ends up like BioShock

Why dis3542d ago

So MGS4 is coming to the 360? WTF is your point?

The extra time has nothing to do with the PS3 version as if laying off staff would allow EA to assign a side team for PS3 ports. lol The extra time is most likely because of the Epic nature of the title and the many problems the engine has/had.

Disagree all you want guys LMAO

SevWolf3541d ago

well I'll answer you "why dis?"with only a link for your slow brain to program on:

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ONYX7373542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Even if it is coming out for PS3 I wouldn't buy it. I had it on 360 and it just got boring to me. besides having very few exclusive games I'm interested in on 360 makes me feel like I wasted my money buying an xbox360. now most of the games are coming out for both systems and If I really had to choose one system it would be my PS3. that's just me personally I just feel I get more from it than my 360.

EDIT: So going on phantom disagrees someone who has been stalking me clearly knows I like my xbox360 better? :P