Next-gen Havok engine to be shown at GDC

The next-generation of the Havok engine will be shown at GDC, the company confirmed to our sister site this afternoon.

"We've got Havok 4.5, which is now fully optimised for next-generation," said a spokesperson for Havok. "But it's Havok behaviour really; we'll be showing it as a finished product."
So far the engine has featured in games such as Crackdown, F.E.A.R, Dead Rising and Oblivion, placing itself as a market leader in middleware physics.

The demo being shown in San Francisco next week won't feature as part of a next-generation game, but it will show off what Havok believes to be its key feature: the behavioural engine.

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zonetrooper54249d ago

Shows pretty cool, hopefully devs can use it to their full ability and make game physics even better.

Funky Town_TX4249d ago

Halo was the first game I played with Havok (that I know of). I like the physics that are in it. Crackdown has nice physics also.