Best Buy: Black Xbox 360 coming this May

Gizmo Cafe reports that an employee from a Best Buy located in Canada contacted them to confirm that a black model of the Xbox 360 would be released this coming May. According to the site:

"...the report we're getting on the confirmed shipping of the new 360 to retailers is straight from within a Canadian Best Buy. The excited source told us that they'd be receiving the shady rendition in about four months' time."

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m234275d ago

Its good because its upgraded but I already own an xbox 360, hopefully I will be able to upgrade rather than having to buy a whole new system

ER1X4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

"It’s not expected that the black Xbox 360 will be Zephyr, the rumored version 2 packing both 120 GB hard drive and HDMI port."

Keyword NOT

Maddens Raiders4275d ago

I wish SNE would've brought out a shiny, black upgradeable console with a touch of Spidey sense from the very beginning. Oh......nevermind.

bung tickler4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

yeah instead SNE is doing a hardware revision only 3 months after the thing launched basically cutting the 95% BC down to 25%. where as MS is doing a color change (oooh) and adding a optional upgradable hdd that can be used on ANY 360 out there. the only change they MIGHT make hardware wise is the HDMI which MOST people wont need as component is 100% capable of doing 1080p for games.

gee i wonder what side of the fence has the greener grass?

DJ4274d ago

All PS1 titles + over 1000 (PAL) PS2 titles. BTW, Component can do 1080p, but almost all HDTVs manufactured now support that resolution exclusively through HDMI. Better quality, easier, HDCP, etc. There's a reason Sony was harshly criticized during E3 06 for cutting HDMI out of their 20GB SKU -> it's because 1080p Component has very limited support, and lower visual quality.

ACE4274d ago

u live in cloud cooco land lol who told u that all tvs do 1080p thru hdmi only ? . poor quality thru component ? who told u this ? .

im buying a hdtv in a months time and guess what? most of them DO 1080p thru component and guess what ? on serten sets in looks better thru component then it does in hdmi .

i have had demos and was shocked :) .

people like urself should b band of this site for talking total BS .

do u believe me ? ...... i really dont care :) .

BrotherSic4275d ago

I guess if this is coming in may then they will announce it at GDC.

I could be wrong but i believe they were saying (rumour) this new version (120gb + hdmi) would be more expensive. If so I imagine they would also announce the reduction in price of the 2 orginial models by about 20%.

All speculation though ;)

huntsman12304275d ago

It’s not expected that the black Xbox 360 will be Zephyr, the rumored version 2 packing both 120 GB hard drive and HDMI port.

BrotherSic4275d ago

I thought it was reported by an Australian site that the new black system would include the 120gb HDD and hdmi port and it would cost $749 (Aus)

could be wrong though but i think they were the first to mention the may release date

power0919994275d ago

In all honesty, I held off until last month buying a 360 because I was hoping for a black unit. Don't get me wrong I am very happy with my purchase, but I would of prefered a black unit.

The white 360 sticks out like a sore thumb with all of my other A/V equipment being black/silver.

I wonder if MS will offer an upgrade of some sort.

Probably not.


kewlkat0074275d ago

Convince me why I would upgrade to this model? My does have an HDMI connection? Is it way better than Component?

fjtorres4275d ago

Better than VGA, probably not...
Funny thing about HDMI: most people forget that except for Sharp and Toshiba, all other TV vendors *overscan* HDMI ports. Ditto for the component ports. Whatever advantage an all-digital data path might give you over analog data paths goes out the toilet the moment you overscan/scale the image.

VGA ports (and the occasional DVI port) are not overscanned because they are intended by the set builder for PC use where overscan ruins clarity.

So, unless you *know* your set has zero-overscan options, VGA is more likely to render a better picture than the TV-centric ports.
(Plus 360 supports the display's native resolution over VGA.)

Its called doing your homework, children. ;-)

R34GTR4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Only if your one of their sheep. These guys can make Microsoft diapers and people would buy it.

nambo4275d ago

It was a standard agreed upon by the movie industry to implement DRM. I believe that both MS and Sony agreed with the movie studios to hold off on implementing the DRM on movies released via HDMI for several years. Component cables are also capable of outputting at the highest resolution (1080p), but I believe it depends on your TV. But for games, a vast majority of them this gen will target 720p, not 1080p so component is just fine. The HDMI thing just makes Sony fanboys feel better about their PS3, just like their 100% BC. Oh sorry, that's going away isn't it.

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