Are Sony PS3 Sales Numbers Flaky?

Smarthouse reports:

Sony Computer Entertainment, who are trying to drum up publicity for the Sony PS3 after SmartHouse revealed that the Company was price gouging Australian consumers by charging up to $103 more for a PS3 in Australia than in the USA, is now trying to claim that that they sold 213,000 PS3s in Australia last year.

However, SmartHouse who was not given the company press release after the company boss Michael Ephraim went on a "rant" over our price gouging story last week believes the numbers could include over 50,000 units that were given away for free by Sony as part of two promotions for Sony Bravia LCD TV's.

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Cool Hwhip3544d ago

They're trying to be as ignorant and fanboyish as the majority of the gaming and news outlets in the US,it's a shame too,I always thought highly of the Aussie press...

techie3544d ago

Read this: that guy at Smarthouse is full of sh*t - arrogant and an asshole. All the proof is there.

PS. PS3 is cheap in AUS.

Kill Crow3544d ago

You can get a free PS3 with most mobile phones at carphone warehouse ... Do those count as sales?

Enigma_20993544d ago

.. if they count people replacing their 360s 2-3 times when they RROD as sales, why not...

And even if they WERE price gouging, why blame the WHOLE company for the actions of a few greedy idiots?

cayal3544d ago

"Great point...should we discount PS3's that arent being used as game consoles? "

That's not a great point at all. A PS3 bought is a PS3 bought regardless if it is used as a gaming machine or a paperweight.

There is a difference between that, and people buying another 360 because theirs broke OR Microsoft replacing a broken one with a new one and counting it as a sale.

If RROD didn't happen as prevalent as it did, I don't think we'd be seeing 28 million 360s out there.

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Danja3544d ago

umm Fact still remains...PS3 has gained signifcant Market share in Australia......

how how many ppl have bought more than one 360's bcuz there 1st one broke ??

do we need to dilute the 36 install bcuz because of this ?

YouNoob3544d ago

is dumb and flawed. do you honestly think ppl throwing their 360 aways when they brake? DUH!? i'm on no. 5, repaired the other 4 and sold them. that's 5 consoles sold to 5 ppl. get it little NOOB?

think before you talk kiddo!

Danja3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

well im speaking from what i've seen.

I know ppl who have bought another 360 bcuz there 1st one broke...and many ppl across gaming forums have stated the same thing...I didn't imply that everyone does this.....but ppl do it...

lol btw ur so cool....coming online calling ppl Noob.....those 4 persons you sold ur refurbished 360's will will eventually buy another one also cuz they are bound to break again.

Death3544d ago

When something under warranty breaks, people tend to get them fixed. You may know someone that bought a new console instead, but that doesn't mean it's a trend. Microsoft did not spend 1 billion dollars on the extended warranty because people were buying new consoles. The software attach rate doesn't support your theory either. Unless you want to increase the amount of games sold per console you may want to rethink your theory.

Should we remove PS3 sales from the userbase for people that bought one as a dedicated Blu-Ray player? I know someone that bought one just for movies since Blu-Ray players at the time cost twice as much. Again though, I don't think it's a trend or a significant enough number to impact sales.


callahan093544d ago

Me, my old roommate, and my brother have each purchased 2 Xbox 360's. My old roommate's broke within the first 6 months after launch and Microsoft was not at that time acknowledging that the systems were problematic and that it was their fault and not the consumer's fault. So they refused to fix it. Funnily enough, what he did was take it GameStop and sell it as used because they didn't check to make sure it worked! He then used his store credit and went to another GameStop and bought another new one.

Mine broke after a 6 months of use, but it wasn't RROD. It was this weird checkerboard video output that overlayed everything on the screen. 6 months after MS fixed it, it happened again. This time they refused to fix it without 100$ fee because it wasn't the RROD and by that time they'd decided that they're only responsible for the RROD (which is ridiculous, because that hardware is so f*cked up in so many ways that they should be covering ALL of the issues, not just the one that was most publicized... but then again we all know they're only fixing anybody's to avoid a gargantuan lawsuit and loss of public trust, not because they give a rats ass about their customers, so they're doing the bare minimum they feel they can get away with). So, I bought a brand new 360 because I wanted to play all my games, still, and was being told that the new models were not going to have the same issues because of a new chipset design (I don't believe that was true after all, BUT I have yet to have that new system I bought crap out on me, so I feel I made the right choice). So yeah, I bought the new one, knowing that if I paid 100 bucks to them and they sent me my old, crappy, already twice broken system back, I'd have a ticking time bomb, it was bound to break again. So, seeing that 100 dollar fee and my original 360 unit as a huge liability, I opted for a brand new model.

And in some crazy twist of fate, my brother went through the exact, 100% identical situation as I just described going through above, and he responded in the same way: buying a new unit rather than giving them money to fix an old unit that he just suspected would break again in 6 months time.

Long story short: there are people out there who've been forced, coerced, pressured, or nudged in the direction of buying multiple brand new 360's.

cayal3544d ago

"is dumb and flawed. do you honestly think ppl throwing their 360 aways when they brake? DUH!? i'm on no. 5, repaired the other 4 and sold them. that's 5 consoles sold to 5 ppl. get it little NOOB?

think before you talk kiddo!"

You're not a retailer, therefore the 4 you sold are not on Microsoft's list...unless you were stupid enough to buy 5 360s yourself.


callahan093544d ago

Why the disagrees? Is my story somehow implausable to you people? That's the way it happened. So sue me that I know, first-hand, that not every 360 sold is to a new customer. I'm not saying that it's very common, but I am saying that some 360 sales are to people who are replacing their broken units. Not all broken units get fixed by Microsoft (and that's a damn shame, but that's the way it is).

callahan093544d ago

I'm getting really sick of the cowardly phantom disagrees. When I take my effort to type up a comment, and if you find reason to disagree with it, you should have the decency to say why.

Ldubbz3544d ago

Great point...should we discount PS3's that arent being used as game consoles?

The whole mention of 360 systems being bought twice are so stupid, its not even funny. If you go out and buy another one when you have a warranty, then youre a moron. But we all really know that isnt true, its just fanboy dribble.

Like Death said, the attach rates and SW sales tell the story.

Ldubbz3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Its a personal anecdote, which means balls. Thats why I disagree.

And thats not to say that there isnt PS3 owners that havent done the same. Or the many PS2 and PSP owners that have had to do it. Sure it accounts for a few sales, but its not any significant number that would actually make you think twice about MS sales figures.

Its just getting a little sad....with many of you on here its either MS is lying about their numbers, or they are numbers shipped, or they have been selling more than one system to the same person...all BS.

While the fact is many PS3's have been sold as BR players. You couldnt possibly say the same thing about the 360.

callahan093544d ago

Did I mention the PS3? No, I didn't. Did I say Microsoft was lying? No, I didn't. My story has nothing to do with any of that, it's just an anecdote, indeed. Microsoft made a console that has failed for many people, and some people have bought multiple Xbox 360's. That's all there is to it. Am I saying that it's significant? No. In fact, I'm going to say right now that it's NOT, because most people get the RROD if their console fails, and MS is happy to fix those for free, so why would they buy another 360? It's just the unlucky few of us who've done it. I've seen on the internet multiple people who've bought multiple PS3's too. So my story isn't saying that the 360's numbers are inflated because of anything. I have a personal friend who bought the 40 GB PS3 and when MGS4 came out, he bought the MGS4 GunMetal PS3.

It was just a story. A true one, at that, because sometimes I like to tell people about my faulty 360 experiences, about the crappy way that Microsoft went about it in the early days of RROD and the even crappier way that they treat their current customers who have failed systems that aren't the RROD, and the fact that some people do buy the same console multiple times, because, now this is something special, I was responding to Danja, who asked the question "How many people have bought multiple 360's." I answered that question with my personal experience, knowing that I, and two others I know very well, have bought multiples, and I outlined the reasons why. Again, NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THE PS3, or with trying to insinuate that the 360 has somehow NOT sold a large number of consoles to individual consumers, or something.

Just to add to the anecdote, there's a guy on the GameFaqs message boards that likes to post pictures of his 360 collection, and he owns every single 360 game and at least 3 Xbox 360's (he's got a White one, an Elite, and the Halo one showing in the photos).

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3544d ago

And why is this classified under the Xbox 360 section?

Jake the Muss3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Hmm, just noticed that. I would like to think that it was a honest mistake, but somehow doubt it....

I remember this price gouging story a few weeks ago. I like it how refer to it as a "reveal", when all it really revealed was a lack of common sense by some of their journalists.

Perhaps someone would like to slip them a note mentioning that the price of a Japanese PS3 (~39999 Yen) when converted to Australian dollars equals around $675 Aus. According to them, JB Hi-Fi sells their PS3's for about $688.95 Aus. I know we're in a recession and all, but seriously...

karlostomy3544d ago

looks like Sony will do anything to make their sales figures look better.

If we exclude the extra 50000 ps3 giveaways, then the ps3 sales in oz are less than half of what the 360 sold.

Depressing? oh yes.

Sony *needs* that price cut. NOW.

Cool Hwhip3544d ago

Just 50,000?I mean....that's not a lot at all.All this article does is prove that AU isn't a significant gaming market.

Sony Rep3544d ago

butt hurt armpit of a website...

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