Killzone 2 Control System: Expecting Call of Duty?

Beefjack Writes: "Seeing Killzone 2's rise in popularity after the success of the demo, PS3 owners rejoice that the game does indeed live up to their expectations and that we can all finally 'believe the hype'. Some gamers though have chosen to discard this game due to a control system they cannot familiarize themselves with simply because Killzone 2 does not play like Call of Duty."

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The_Zeitgeist3633d ago

Why can't a game just be itself. Why is it that every shooter has to be Halo or Call of Duty to succeed. Also I've heard people say that Killzone 2 doesn't bring anything new to the table. If this is true who cares? Why can't a good game just be that? Why must every great game suddenly change an entire style of games?

MURKERR3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

If you cannot play one game because you cannot let another one go, then play your Call of Duty but don’t blame Killzone 2 because you feel you can’t adapt to the different control system and game play style.

to many gamers want to be spoon fed these days, i respect guerilla for doing things THEIR way

incogneato3633d ago

After you stop trying to make it like COD4 and you put the Standard controls, and when you figure out the cover system, you quickly realize this is the best FPS ever created with the best controls to boot.

fanboi hater3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

but regardless of which scheme u chose u can make it pretty darn close to cod4 with alt 2 and hold zoom (only difference is crouch -cry me a river) so i don't understand all the b!tchen
... plus the standard scheme is reminiscent of rfom controls which i loved ... and r2 did copy cod4 - good but i like rfom better... and now i'm basically obsessed with KZ2

dalibor3633d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 had a "different" controller setup & so did resistance 2 but did that stop me from having fun playing the games. Hell no, i don't see what the big fuss is about. In fact cod4 controller setup was bad for my controller, my left anolog stick is all messed up now from running all the time in cod4, i sh*t you not. It got loose haha

Sayai jin3633d ago

It is not COD. Let the game distinguish itself from the pack. Why are people complaining. I am to busy playing.

Marceles3633d ago

Even if the devs let you be able to map every single button of the game, there would be stories with titles like:

"Devs too lazy to button map their own game? Guerilla finished?"

The controls/Killzone vs (fill in the blanks)/Killzone overhyped? Sony finished?/ stories are really getting out of hand, nitpicking at its finest.

badz1493633d ago

why the hell does KZ2 needs to follow CoD4 in terms of control?? I personally hate the 'run' button for CoD4 (it was L3 or R3) because it just doesn't make sense to me! plus, why the hell does KZ2 got all the points deductions in reviews for not having co-op while CoD4 also didn't have one? CoD4 story is generic at best and only last for 6-7 hours but nobody deducted its points for those! I hate it when media is trying hard to spur bs over every PS3 exclusives and reviewers becoming super nit-picky reviewing it!

the truth is, CoD MW2 has a lot to prove after this in order to compete because currently KZ2 is the best looking game on any consoles! it has gorgeous graphic, great physics, intensive gameplay and smart AI! IW has a monster to beat here! that's KZ2!!

Statix3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Why do you think developers should be reinventing the wheel, as far as aiming controls in shooters are concerned? COD4 is near-perfection in terms of the precision/accuracy of its controls; there's no reason developers shouldn't all follow Infinity Ward's lead, unless it's on the expressed basis of a very deliberate design choice (such as the case was with Dead Space and its purposely slow turn speed). However, I don't think the sluggish/inaccurate controls of Killzone 2 are a deliberate design choice in this case. I just think Guerilla lacked the experience to create and fine tune shooter controls to the same degree that Infinity Ward had.

These issues aren't (all) nitpicking by Xbots looking to conspire against Sony, and to undermine their games. Many of these are legitimate issues and concerns raised by PS3 gamers who have tried to demo and/or beta, and their voices should be heard and considered, regardless of whether you necessarily agree with them or not. I personally have been looking forward to the release of KZ2 for a while, but I'm also a stickler for precise/accurate controls in my shooters, and I've found it disconcerting the way a significant number of people have described the controls as sluggish and imprecise. I personally want this game to be as good as it can be, and to be allowed for me to play it for a long time to come, but there is a question right now as to whether the subpar aiming controls may be a barrier to my full enjoyment of the game (especially in multiplayer).

jammy_703632d ago

killzone 2 is killzone 2 nothing else!!!!! its BETTER THAN COD!!!!!

and the control are like it by the way just more realisitc!

GVON3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

default control is perfect,no thumb is on the R stick anyway,one click sights are up,reload or click again or if in cover set L stick to neutral and sights are down and back in cover.

I love how heavy it feels it's like your moving Sev to aim and not a floating gun like in cod and other fps were in comparison feels light.It really felt like he's locking his muscles up and trying to hold the gun,I've never experienced that before in a game
everyone needs to play it with crosshair and HUD off,it's brilliant playing it like that.

Consoldtobots3632d ago

this guy is a complete moron, the call of duty config is called ALTERNATE 2.

Mainman3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I was used to COD4 controls. I changed to Alternate 2, and I was happy.

To be honest, it has been a while since I played CoD4, so I dont remember the whole layout. But the Zoom (L1) and Shoot (R1) buttons are the same as COD4 with Alternate 2 (if memory serves me correct).

Zoom and Shoot buttons are the most important for me, the rest I can just get used to.

The Aim (L1) and shoot (R1) buttons are also the same for MGS4 (which I play alot), so Alternate 2 is a good choice for me.

GameGambits3632d ago

The 10 minutes I spent on my first playthrough of the demo are the best 10 minutes of my life lol. I've played great games for 100+hours that don't stack up to just the 10 minutes of sheer joy I got.

If you don't like the controls then go pick up your Viva Pinata and Barbie's Horse Riding kiddies. Let the smarter people enjoy the better games. :)

Montrealien3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

everyone who agrees with this comment, must shut the f/ck up about RE5. thank, and good morning...

/on topic

I agree, this game is kick ass and it is what is is, and its a damn great shooter.

himdeel3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

...toggling the crouch/cover button with any control scheme. Even though I know they probably wont have this in the retail it would still be nice to have this option at least for single player campaign.

Otherwise getting use to having two fingers ready on L1 and L2 for the alternative 2 gives the game a different feel. It seems that for now as I get more familiar with the controls the scheme I've chosen has deliberately slowed my normal pace from other run and gun fps. I expect to speed back up with time and more experience.

Klopek3632d ago

@ Statix

I completely agree. I have no real problems with the button mapping but more so the aiming itself. No matter what sensitivity I set I honestly did feel that the controls were, as you said, sluggish and imprecise.

Ju3632d ago

@Statix, there is one reason why CoD4's controls work so well for, uhm, CoD4.

Because CoD4 got no cover system!!!

As soon as you have that (and implement a manual cover trigger), you will find you are missing a button. Simple. That's why the default controls are NOT set to Alt2 and why sticky zoom is on! Give the default controls a try. After you fully understand how they work, you'll understand what I'm saying.

Men, KZ2 != CoD4. w/e

majorsuave3632d ago

The writer actually said: "realistic feel of gaming" !!!

Now, what the hell id it supposed to mean?

cmrbe3632d ago

it is suppose to revolutionise gaming.

Arnon3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Just saying for anyone who doesn't know yet, in the demo, you can get the StA14 Rifle from the marksman on top of the roof on the second part of the demo when you are inside the fortress. Headshots = Decapitation with it.. and it is quite gory.

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The Hunter3633d ago

"If you cannot play one game because you cannot let another one go, then play your Call of Duty but don’t blame Killzone 2 because you feel you can’t adapt to the different control system and game play style."

Lovely quote! Dont compare it with CoD4 anymore. Why?:

1. Its in Helgan! NOT in afganistan.
2. Killzone 2 is based on teamwork! NOT playing for your own.

Got him?

locos853632d ago

I had no problem adjusting the controls from COD to K2. Or COD to Socom.

ali3123633d ago

You can have call of duty controls by selecting the default 2 option and not standard 2. One of the best things about the game is you can run longer and the graphics are awesome. I suggest you tweak the motion sensitivity for the analogue sticks for precise aiming.

The_Zeitgeist3633d ago

You can run as long as you want. Also for all the talk of Call of Duty. I am so happy that come the 27th I won't have to fend of AI controlled Dogs. I love Call of Duty but that almost ruins it for me.

OGharryjoysticks3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

ali312, I don't want Call of Duty controls. I want Resident Evil 5 controls :)

Wife Of The Bad Guy3633d ago

My only issue with the controls is I don't want the iron sights to stay locked after I tap L1/R3,everything else was exactly what I wanted

MeatAbstract3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

And you can change that as well...
Go into you options and select 'Hold Aim'. That should change it for you.

Ju3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

I re-tried the original setup again. I had some troubles at first. But the sticky zoom makes perfect sense with the R3 iron sight. You still need to move the camera while in zoom. And that works pretty well. I think its easier for starters. And after I got used to that a bit, I now understand why they did it.

I mean there is just one fundamental feature in the game no other FPS has. That's the cover system, and how its implemented. This cries for a new control scheme.

I feel more comfortable with the ALT2-HOLD-ZOOM, though. But that's maybe if you are used to other games. L1 Zoom doesn't work in toggle mode for me, R3 zoom doesn't work in hold. Anyway, I'm good with both now, hold-zoom is faster, though and the reason I stayed with ALT2.

dooge3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

The default controls the game gives you are nothing like COD, but if you select Alternate 2 and Hold Aim it is the exact same (except crouch).

Besides, the game isn't trying to be like every-other game. If you don't like the controls then go play COD.