Killzone 2 PS3 Sales Rank Down After Wii Restock

Advanced sales for the game title Killzone 2 for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 on Wed. decreased at retailer following a restock of Nintendo Co.'s Wii and high demand for Wii-related products.

On Wed. evening, Killzone 2 ranked at No. 7 in Amazon's Video Games division.

It previously held a No. 1 rank after a brief retail discount.

Meanwhile Wii ranked at No. 1 following an in-stock status on Wed., followed by Wii Fit at No. 2, Wii Remote at No. 3, Wii Nunchuk at No. 4, and Mario Kart Wii at No. 5.

Amazon this week began selling Killzone 2 for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 below $55 in a new coupon promotion.

In the offer, customers who use the coupon code KZ2SAVE5 at checkout will receive an additional $5 off the $59.99 pre-sale price.

It is concurrently offering a free Blu-ray movie and remote with the purchase of Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 and a select game title.

NPD Group Inc. in Jan. said that Nintendo Co.'s Wii sold another two million units during the month of Dec. to top all video game console sales for the month.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3543d ago

Makes sense,Wii sells like hotcakes when Nintendo aren't holding back supply

Tru_Blu3543d ago

My parents are in their 50's and never gamed in their lives. Yet they bought a Wii and say they love it.

The_Zeitgeist3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I am still amazed that the Wii has been such a long lasting craze. You would think that people would tire of shovel ware. Oh how yuppies love their Wii Fit.
Where are the good games for the Wii? Where is Eternal Darkness 2, Where is a good solid line-up of shooters. Nintendo has dominated the casual market for years now. How about throwing the GAMER a good game to play.

Blaze9293543d ago

That's the thing with the Wii. People buy it but get bored with it a few months later. I havent found one person I know who bought a Wii and didn't pack it up 4+ months later.

Wii restock, like ANYONE still believes Nintendo is still having problems with production. Riiiiight. Agree with 1), they are holding back stock intentionally. Have been, probably always will be.

As for Killzone 2's 1 one spot. Guess people just wanted to save $10 and get free shipping and Amazon was the place to do it which explains why it was #1. Of course people want the game too, duh

N4g_null3543d ago

[email protected] then why don't SONY try holding some stock back since you guys think it is such a winning equation. I mean really you guys would kill for killzone 2 right so why not cut the shipment in half and string you guys out huh? Maybe because it's not a good idea. Maybe they are not capable of producing 2 million wii's a month since the Wii did sell 2 million in dec.

Man what ever helps you go to sleep at night.

badz1493543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

The Wii's killing but whatever! I'll enjoy my KZ2 while they enjoy their Wii Fit! They love their Wii Fit? I'm damn sure I'll love KZ2! so...both parties win!

Eddie201013543d ago

Not to put a damper on the Wii fest, but why is this article necessary?

Megaton3543d ago

Everything ranks down when the Wii restocks. Wii stuff hogs most of the top 10 unless a big PS3/360 game is coming.

acedoh3543d ago

everyday to tell us how well the Killzone 2 preorders are going??? It's a little silly I would think since the game is still a few weeks from release. Let's wait and see how everything pans out before we do our daily updates...

JHUX3542d ago

well old people and kids find the flinging around of your arms amazing, they don't care about the games people like us would care about. So the stuff that is put out on wii is all good to them.

Nonsense 4 Gamers3542d ago

Don't forget that according to 360 fanboys SALES = QUALITY. So by their logic Wii Fit is the greatest game in the history of the world.

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OGharryjoysticks3543d ago

Too many fat Americans think Wii and Wii Fit will help them but if they would just put the double cheeseburger down and skip the milkshake they not only save money but eventually look the way they want.

"Wii ranked at No. 1 following an in-stock status on Wed., followed by Wii Fit at No. 2,"

The_Zeitgeist3543d ago

Leave the double cheese burger alone man. Just look at Mc Donalds food as assisted suicide.

N4g_null3543d ago

Most people doing yoga don't eat cheeseburgers. their are more health nuts out their buy Wii fit because they are serious about working out. People that like cheese burgers are going to give up looking for Wii fit after the first week. You clearly don't know the cheese burger type.

Oyeah no one was offended... you just look a little disconnected there.

Kain813543d ago

and he said that WII-FIT is useless.

nikola9873543d ago

your comment is useless :D

Voiceofreason3542d ago

So 1 personal trainer sees no benefit for themselves and suddenly all the other ones saying the exact opposite are no longer valid? So we can pull up the worst Killzone review and use that for how the game is? Since that is what you yourself are doing. Some how you'd probably have issue with someone doing that even though that is exactly what you are doing. You are right however, Doing pushups only works when its not anywhere near a wii fit board. Running in place only works when you do not own a Wii fit board.. That makes perfect sense...

jrsenkbe3542d ago

People that think they can lose weight playing Wii Fit are the same people that thinking drinking a diet coke with 5 pieces of pizza helps them be healthier. Go to the gym people, i do it everyday, lost 45 pounds. The Wii is shovelware

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XxZxX3543d ago

OHH SNAPS Damn where is XBOX 360 sales at all.

sak5003543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

YOu had to bring 360 in this. Troll there -------------> reported off topic

BTW 360 still kicking ps3's sales in the rear.

dustgavin3542d ago

You call him a troll and then add in about 360 sales? Nice double standard.

pumpkinpunker3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Sony runs a ton of promotions and discounts on Amazon so it tends to do better on Amazon than the 360. Sony has clearly targeted Amazon as a retail outlet and has done a good job of selling it's products there. That being said, you can't trust the sales rankings at all. In North America, the PS3 was ranked higher than the X360 throughout the holiday season on Amazon. Meanwhile, in North America the X360 was out selling the PS3 two to one.

Gitaroo3543d ago

the thing is many casual gamers dont know the difference between shovel wares and real games.

Voiceofreason3542d ago

Actually most Sony fanboys dont know the difference between casual games, Games intended for children, and shovelware games. I dont see shovelware on the Wii million seller list so not sure where you get your info from, but it is completely wrong. Why do you think Nintendo games are constantly in 1st, 2nd and 3rd? Because people are focused on shovelware? Of course not.The 3rd party games that are selling great on Wii are games like Force unleashed, Shaun White, Tigerwoods, Guitar Hero, etc.
Now casual games do sale also but there is a difference in casual games and shovelware games. Most people using the shovelware excuse on Wii really have no clue what it actually is. They just heard a new buzz word and want to use it to trash the Wii.

JHUX3542d ago

lol why did you put in the beginning "Most sony fanboys"

iHEARTboobs3542d ago

for the other system. Fanboy rule #1: Never acknowledge or admit that there's fanboys for the system you worship.

Voiceofreason3541d ago

I dont think you will find my post to contain anything claiming there are no such things as Nintendo fanboys or xbox fanboys. You will however have to not be a fanboy to see that N4G is infested with Sony fanboys and 99% of the time if someone is crying about another console it's the fans of the one in last place. Sony fanboys cry the most, 360 fanboys cry sometimes, Nintendo fanboys are usually very silent and don't say much because their console is the one winning atm.

Better example of a fanboy is someone that takes a posts and tries to change it into something else by adding things that were never said. Kinda like what you did by trying to claim I said no other types existed. I know they exist, they just dont infest this site like Sony fans do.

iHEARTboobs3539d ago

Just as many 360 fanboys infest this site as Sony fanboys. The reason you think Sony fanboys "cry" more is because they're the ones that are more vocal in the "PS3 is dying" and "Blu-Ray is doomed" types of threads. And that's for good reason because most of those articles are ridiculous. I'm not defending fanboys though because they're all way too into this "console war" hype.

"Better example of a fanboy is someone that takes a posts and tries to change it into something else by adding things that were never said"

So you admit that you're a fanboy? Because your response regarding sony fanboys had nothing to do with what Gitaroo said. You know, it's ok if you're bias towards the 360 or PS3, I am, just don't pretend you're not.

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Meus Renaissance3543d ago

Can we stop with these stupid articles? Do you people have no lives whatsoever? We do not, I repeat, DO NOT, post articles based on sales charts for one retailer, charts that are refreshed every single hour, to hype a game up.

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