The Best (Worst) Resident Evil Quotes Ever

The Resident Evil series has been synonymous with two different things - terrific monster-killing action and ridiculously bad dialogue. Seriously, it almost seems like Capcom WANTS the dialogue to come across as corny in order to give it some unintended humorous appeal. This article takes a look at various quotes uttered throughout the series, along with a "corny meter" to indicate just how bad they really came off

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big shadow3540d ago

leon's quotes are the best

Mahr3540d ago

"Looks like we got to the...root of the problem."

Thomas Pynchon was right: Sometimes, there really is a high art to low puns.

brycespitler3540d ago

"root of the problem"
i gotta play that game again some time

but yeah, ive been talking sh!t on the re4 dialogue since i got past the church bell ringing for the first time