X-Play: Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard Hands-On

In this Hands On Preview, San Guilloud joins Adam in the studio to talk about Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard for multiple platforms including the game's genre-skewing storyline and enemies.

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T-Baggins3595d ago

This comes out on March 3rd and its all mine, he he he

brycespitler3595d ago

planned the release date for this game needs to get kicked in the balls so fuccking hard that the left one pops on to the back of his tongue

right in bewtween killzone 2 and resident evil 5

yeah i bet ALOT of ppl will be making sure this is their priority.

im wanting it bad not enough to trade into the spot of the other 2.
should of waited another month if they want it to sell

but i will say...the trailer cracked me up