Killzone Phobia discusses their inability to face up to the gaming event of their Q1. One man's fight against his phobia of playing the Killzone 2 demo.

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Carbide73595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

"What if it lets me down? What if it’s good, great even but it just doesn’t live up to my personal expectations? I will be crushed."

Haha, your personal expectations cannot reach the epic levels of amazingness that this game will expose your soul to. The Demo has been the gateway to the light for me, like it was for Buddha, I feel...enlightened.....and wet.
Ummm guys, any suggestions as to how I can clean a certain human waste from a couch?

vincentvegawchz3595d ago

Not so much news worthy but one mans funny thoughts on something, and i just find it absolutly hilarious, but hey, i dont get out much LMAO

OhReginald3595d ago

..i have been waiting for this game since i first seen the 2005 trailer, and was when i was 15 years old.........I already decided that im passing up on the demo and waiting for the full release....Im happy that killzone 2 is getting ridiculous amount of good reviews....but something is not right......